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  1. Clampers Outside!

    It still befuddles me how Hillary taking €20+ million from a country that stones rape victims is OK…
    Trump being a mouthy sexist was the worst thing ever…. but if Hillary won, they’d be marching to celebrate.

    Enough to get people to get behind a march organised by three activists – the Washington march – one of whom, Linda Sarsour, is trying to get Sharia Law introduced into the US.
    It’s also very odd that Christian feminist pro-life groups were banned but Islamic pro-life groups were OK. Seems like a selective type solidarity, which is not any real solidarity if we’re being honest with each other.

    The double standards are out the whazooo on the march over the weekend, and I’ll not support such blatant hypocrisy. Willful hypocrisy is a disgrace, doing it through ignorance is forgivable to a point, but wilful blindness is despicable.

    That’s a bit fupped up… Trump is a despicable character, but please don’t tell me Hillary was better, she was worse for the world with 9 of the top 10 arms dealers also backing her… along with Oman, UAE and a number of others that treat women far worse than that orange pig of a man Trump.

    And let’s not cod ourselves, this march would not have gotten going if it were not for billionaire George Soros who has ties to over fifty groups in that march, according to the NYTimes…. mull on that….

    Equality, not ideologies !
    Truth and honesty, not virtue signals and slogans !

          1. jusayinlike

            The bomb loving dems, 8 years 8 wars, record breaking arms sales, a legacy of ashes and destruction, don’t believe check out Lybia..

          2. jusayinlike

            “I will respect and observe the constitution”
            Lies – expanded all security services spying powers, he even employed Joe “patriot act” Biden as his vp


          3. jusayinlike

            In 8 years Obama’s administration has never prosecuted a single banker in relation to the banking collapse.


          4. jusayinlike

            Obama-care, Obama’s only known achievement in 8 yrs, the bill was written for him by Liz Fowler who was former vp of Westpoint health insurance, it was written by insurance company for insurance companies not people – FAIL

          5. Nigel

            Dis you seriously just score the military adventures of successive US administrations without taking into consideration cost in lives, treasure and regional stability? Alt History.

          6. jusayinlike

            “regional stability”

            Lybia, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan.
            Remember he promised to bring the troops home from Afghanistan, still 8800 troops currently there..

          7. Nigel

            Er, yes. Shock waves of instability across the Middle East ftom that one tiny little Bush war. I don’t get it. You can criticise Obama’s wars without minimising Bush’s wars. Alt Fail.

          8. Nigel

            In short: it’s such a relief that there are people in charge now to whom bombs, drones, torture, surveillance and expensive military adventures are complete anathema.

    1. Neil is a gum

      This whole “but Hillary was bad too” schtick is pitiful.
      Only online would anyone take someone sayin this crap with anything other than a grain of salt.

        1. Listrade

          Yeah, but there’s a subtle difference in objecting to the explicit banning of Sharia Law in 22 states and looking to bring in Sharia Law in the US. As far as I remember, it was the former.

          Sharia law is intrinsically linked to being a practicing Muslim, even the basic rules about diet, finance, etc. How can you ban that?

          There is and has never been a threat of Sharia law overtaking any legal system, it is physically impossible without scrapping the whole constitution. However, the act of banning it criminalises a faith. That is something to be opposed to, even as an atheist.

          Anyway, as to muslim feminists, it’s great to see (alt)men come out in unison and explain what feminism is and should be about. Good on all the r/donald inhabitants defining feminism for all the women out there who didn’t know.

          1. Listrade

            Great now link that to what she said.

            Other religions have very similar codes, other similar orthodox religions also seemingly operate to these laws with elders making judgement. Hasidic Jews, Amish, Mormons….Scientology. But they haven’t had their religious code made illegal.

            There are “underground” religious courts where decisions and punishments are made (mostly civil matters btw) outside of either the local police or the court system. But only one has been made illegal.

          2. LW

            If you know the group is ‘dodge’, why would you try and use them to bolster your argument? Your march to the fringes continues apace

          3. Nigel

            Because ‘raising the issue.’ Lies, distortions, inaccuracies, sensationalism, smears, all justified if they’re just ‘raising the issues.’

          4. Clampers Outside!


            …because the left is ignoring the problem. Look it up, that’s why this group started. Sadly, the only source of readily compiled info. Hopefully you’re a capable person and are able to weed out the facts… I’ll listen to a message if it carries facts, regardless of who the messenger is. Something we all need to get better at with the way the media has gone.

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