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The Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford, Dublin 18

About 600 apartment owners in four blocks at the development are understood to be affected by the defects which include “a large number of fire safety deficiencies” according to a fire consultant’s report .
Owners of apartments in blocks A, B, C and D at Beacon are being asked by BSQ Management Company Ltd to pay €9.1 million into a sinking fund for fire remedial works, while residents in blocks A and D are being asked for just over €1 million in relation to water damage….

South Dublin apartment owners face €10m bill to fix defects (Irish Times)

Augustus writes:

Is this legal?


Beacon South Quarter Development

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  1. Cian

    yes – buy an apartment and you get a share in the management company. The liquidated developers aren’t going to exist to pay anything.

    1. Jocky

      The stupid public pressured the government into taking on the priory hall costs so now forever more the state will be picking up the tab for these structural issues in private property.

      1. dav

        an awful pity the state allowed (and is still allowing) substandard building by corrupt builders and developers, eh?

        1. classter

          The principle in place at the time of purchase was that the contractor would self-certify and the private buyer would do their own due diligence.

          It is not my fault as a taxpayer that some purchasers were very lax in their due diligence.

    1. Cian

      yes. don’t buy property. If you buy a house and there are defects in it, guess who pays to have them fixed?

    1. classter

      I don’t think this is about brown envelopes.

      I think it is about:
      1) A right-wing govt which decided that it was better to let residential builders supervise themselves becasue it is cheaper despite a culture of bankruptcies.
      2) A public which agreed with the govt ’cause it meant lower taxes.
      3) Ridiculously low levels of due diligence by people making the biggest investment of their lives.

      If you are buying a property, you should know all about the developer, builder, engineers & architect. You should ask to see previous work they have done. You should ask the owners of these properties for their feedback. You should hire an engineer for a proper survey not some mickey mouse ‘surveyor’. It all sounds a bit much but you are the hook for hundreds of thousands of quid. I reckon most people do more real due diligence for a new car or laptop than they do when buying a home.

  2. JFM

    Maybe they should have called it The Await To Be-Conned South Quarter….
    Is it more legal that the tax payer is being asked to pay for it !!!???
    Where’s the accountability?? Where the developer????

    1. dav

      well I see another builder of property that required remedial fixes (McNamara) has finished his new offices on Stephen’s green, so I guess the developers are free to build as badly as they want..

  3. Mysterybeat

    Was this not the place RTE had a big report about a few weeks ago, all the apartments are owned by some vulture fund?


    The other blocks that have just been rebuilt ….. I’m sure they are grand.. structurally sound n’all, after sitting unfinished for 10 years laid bare to the elements.

    In any case the gougers at Ires Reit via vulture funds own/let the majority of them.. good enough for them.


    ” As the table shows, in the first six months Ires Reit secured rental hikes of 12 per cent at its properties in The Marker and Bessboro in Terenure, and 9 per cent at Beacon South Quarter in Sandyford. On an annual basis, rents have soared by as much as 16 per cent at The Marker, up from €2,283 in June 2015 to €2,638 in June 2016. Such increases can set a level in certain areas, which other landlords may then aspire to. ”

      1. rotide

        It really isn’t a silly comment.

        The fact the phrase was coined over 2000 years ago and is still relevant kinda shows you’re the silly one here.

          1. classter

            No, they don’t but it should be obvious that for something as complicated, bespoke & long-lasting as a house or apartment block that the quality of execution is very dependent on the quality of those involved.

    1. ahjayzis

      This is just so stupid.

      Sure, every single home buyer can play the part of Building Control – so if 100 apartments are going up each pays a professional to oversee that it’s built as-drawn.

      OR one professional, on behalf of them all, and all future occupiers, does so, like in every other civilised country. They get it right in Northern Ireland for god’s sake.

      If I get sick and die from eating dodgy chicken I bought for a fiver in Tesco, it’s never caveat emptor – because we don’t expect food shoppers to have their food professionally tested in a shopping aisle.

      If food safety standards are something that is enforced by society, i.e. all of us, through our government, housing shouldn’t be even though it’s the largest purchase most people will ever make?

    1. Neil is a gum

      Some fella called D Trump apparently. That Nigel fella has his number though it will never happen again.

  6. Kieran NYC

    And as far as I know, the planning regs around sign-off still haven’t changed from ‘self-certification’.

    So the horses could still be bolting and no attempt made to close the barn door.

  7. dylad

    It’s a dreadful spot. There is a shop around there called SOUL- spirit of ultimate lifestyle- made me wince.

  8. francis

    we should pay for this through our taxes. rather than holding the developer or builder or the building regulator or even hold the buyer responsible. sure that would be mad

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