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LinkedIn have released a list of the most overused words by Irish profile holders on their website.

They looked under the bonnet and put it up the flagpole and found that passionate, focused and creative are used liberally and often without too much substance.

Wendy Murphy of LinkedIn writes:

To highlight how ineffective it is to rely on these buzzwords are, we imagined what they would look like as self-descriptors for some of Ireland’s best known historical figures. The one thing that all of these Irish icons have in common is that they let their work talk for them.

This is a lesson we would encourage everyone to learn from. Bring your professional accomplishments to life by sharing samples of your work on LinkedIn like presentations or photos from events to demonstrate how you live these buzzwords, not merely say them.


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14 thoughts on “Touch Base Offline

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Maybe this advice should also be directed towards hiring managers.

    The work of those three great writers may certainly talk for them today – I don’t believe that to be always in the case in their individual careers.

  2. Owen

    “I am passionate about everything and focus my attention heavily on blog site arguments. I am creative, in that I can create an argument out of virtually any post. However, above all else I am flexible, and I may be passionate about many conflicting views.

    Please See link attached to and associated images.”

    Did I get the job?

      1. bisted

        …despite the total disdain for the Arts from successive governments, especially the current one, Ireland seems to be very well represented worldwide in every sphere of artistic endeavour…trouble is…none of the names I’ve checked so far seem to have a LinkedIn listing…maybe Wendy from LinkedIn could provide a few links or maybe explain what conclusion she draws from the absence of the artistic community on her vital service…

  3. Louis Lefronde

    And on that note, may I introduce my latest book

    “From Tracksuit to Cheap Suit: 100 hints on how to succeed and make a visible impact so you become a self starting matrix disrupter in a highly competitive and pressurised impact zone.”


    How to be a corporate willy?

    Forward by Philomena Cunk

  4. Smith

    Even worse, people are using all these ‘buzzwords’ and corporate jargon outside of work, and work related activity.

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