19 thoughts on “Pulp Fiction

  1. Nigel

    The Great Sandworm Race will sustain me through the dark days ahead, as will the word ‘squanchy.’

          1. Gah!

            Yeah, I made the mistake of looking it up in work. Politely put it’s Betty Swollocks sticking to your leg, according to the urban dictionary.

          2. Tony

            No you didn’t and no it doesn’t. It’s from Rick And Morty – a show you should watch in fairness

    1. Nigel

      Seriously I think The Great Sandworm Race may be my spirit animal, or whatever the Tumblr kids are saying these days. Intersectional spirit animal.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Squanchy Science a la Rick & Morty … is that like one of those made up sciences?.
    You know, like there was this one time in science camp, they woz organising a science march, and someone said “intersectionality is a science now!”
    And then they said… “I’m not kidding, no really, yes, seriously”
    And I said, “they want to be considered real science ’cause like ethnobiographical subjectivity is the new objectivity?”
    And they said “yeah, that’s it you science sexist objectivist …or something”.
    And, and, and … because like, like, they said “and it’s 2017 !”
    To which I nodded and said “or something!”
    To which they said, “that’s the science bit”.



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