‘Senior Hurling Has Gone Global’


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Just now.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny in the Dáil.

In response to questions put to him about his forthcoming St Patrick’s Day trip to Washington to meet US president Donald Trump.

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‘I Will Work Very Closely With The US President-Elect’

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53 thoughts on “‘Senior Hurling Has Gone Global’

  1. realPolithicks

    “Says he won’t abandon Irish in US.”

    What exactly has he or any other Irish politician ever done for the “Irish in the US”? I’ve been here for 30 years and have not heard from any Irish official since the day I left.

    1. ahjayzis

      Well they constantly go on about defending the undocumented Irish in the US.

      I’ve actually worked with an American who overstayed their visa in Ireland and was told to leave, but we must intervene for the reverse.

      Why exactly are we acting like Irish illegal immigrants are some great human rights challenge? They’re not being deported to Syria, they’re to be sent back to a wealthy Western European country that we’re actually running down by backing them.

      1. Junkface

        Irelands a mess, no one wants to come back if they have escaped.

        Trump won’t give a damn about Ireland, or its traditional relationship with the US. He’ll only ask about his Golf course in Doonbeg. Sending over our best bit of 2 x 4 won’t make a bit of difference

      2. classter

        ‘Why exactly are we acting like Irish illegal immigrants are some great human rights challenge? ‘

        Agreed. I think that the undocumented Irish are an embarrasment. They have broken US law & act as if they are victims.

    2. Bob

      What are you expecting the Irish officials to do for you? What do you contribute to Ireland that you believe you entitled to any Irish resources?
      The Irish have not abandoned the Irish in the US. The Irish in the US have abandoned Ireland. There are calls by politicians to do something, and its a shame they left, we have to bring them back etc. I have had friends who have left and will never come back apart from the odd holiday.
      Yes, its a tough decision to make and its tough on those that were left behind. But, you are of no benefit to Ireland being in the US.
      The only thing this government can do is make this country an attractive place to live either for those already here or for emigrants.. This means building infrastructure and services fit for a 1st world nation. Enforce a fair equal society where corporates pay their fair share, politicians are held accountable for the facts they speak of etc.

  2. DD

    The Blueshirts are desperately trying to avoid the undocumented Irish returning home to enjoy the sham recovery.

  3. Vote Rep #1

    He is right though. To publicly snub someone who seems to have such thin skin as Trump and who has the ability to ruin the Irish economy seems a bit silly. I’m sure I’ll get destroyed on here now for thinking that.

    1. classter

      I understand the logic of your argument but at what point would you abandon it?

      What would Trump have to do before you said, ‘Yes, Ireland should publicly shun Donald Trump’?

  4. Drogg

    What a stooge he is. He loves to bend the knee to the big fish in the pond, he was fawning all over May as well. He is a weak willed spineless leader.

  5. Donker

    I think he should go,
    The cringe will be be massive but we need to think about the medium and long term.
    We have zero hard power and like it or not this soft power, cultural historical links stuff really matters.
    There’s no guarantee that the next sane administration will just put the annual meeting back on the agenda and we frankly we need it.
    There are 190 countries who would bite you hand off for an annual meeting with the Prez, whoever he is.
    So we go, we complain about recent policies while doffing the cap and wait for a brighter day.
    He can wave a piece of paper on his return.

    1. Sam

      I think he should make it his farewell trip. One last junket and tug of the forelock before taking up his massive pension and letting Coveney, Varadkar et al fight it out for his job.

      1. Nasty commenter

        Yeah I wasn’t convinced by your argument until you put that adjective relating to alopecia in there

    1. Kieran NYC

      It’s his job to act like an adult.

      Unlike Paul Murphy and his brigade who have the luxury of acting like children

  6. martco

    He’ll travel and he won’t open his trap except to goof and guffaw with a Shillelagh and a (beggin) bowl full of shamrogue and fall in line

    It’s called appeasement

  7. Frilly Keane

    It’ll be a 15 second grip n’grin for the press core
    Just enough time time to let everyone see Tum in a green clip on tie and for Ends to hand over a bowl of mouldy mucky boggy shamrock

    Then it’ll be down to what an Irish Politician does best

    Sort out a bitta planning permission

  8. Mysterybeat

    Sorry, did he really make some tired ‘culchie’ hurling analogy for the destruction of the US and possibly world economy and cooperation by a racist lunatic?

    1. Otis Blue

      Seems so. But as a Mayo man it’s best that he avoid football analogies.

      He really is one cringeworthy SOB.

  9. 15p

    he’s such a sports references politician. and this one doesnt even work or make sense. he’s so useless and without charisma, he just sucks it all out of the room. he bows to all foreign leaders because he knows they can see through him, and see that he’s not a real leader. i hate him and wish he would fupp off. we need a real proper leader. not this ribbon-cutting, good-times only, hard issue dodging wet tissue of a man.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Ah Martco, have you forgotten that his vewy favouwite thing is ringing de NASDAQ bell and then standing, gurning foolishly?

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