Genesis To Revelation





The Joint Committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport continued with their hearings on strategies and governance of sport in Ireland with Sports minister Shane Ross and junior sports minister Patrick O’Donovan.

Mr Ross, while replying to a question asked by Social Democrats TD Catherine Murphy, was interrupted by Mr O’Donovan to correct the record of events and throw former chairman John O’Mahony under a bus in relation to the decision on foot legal advice not to bring FAI CEO John Delaney in to face direct questioning regarding that  €5m ‘Henry handball’ compensation payment.

Good times.

Watch in full here.

Shane Ross wants FAI to fully implement 2002 Genesis report (Irish Times)

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13 thoughts on “Genesis To Revelation

    1. martco

      next stop gout

      despicable mini-blatter
      he is in a nutshell whats wrong in football, corporate fupping nonce

  1. Kieran NYC

    Mark it down on the calendar, lads. Shane Ross actually doing something that’s in his brief.

    You’ll tell your grandkids about this day.

    1. jusayinlike

      Kieran HTC in a twist because Trojan horse Shane Ross is wrecking his dear beloved fine gael from the inside

        1. jusayinlike

          It makes perfect sense, your standard MO is to defend fine gael..

          Perhaps you can enlighten me on why you think Shane Ross is lazy?

  2. Donger

    Was speaking to somebody that works in the FAI last week. He told me of a conversation he overheard amongst the top brass-they were discussing claiming expenses after travelling to a colleagues funeral.

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