6 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. Custo

    I’d be nice if the Gardai actually arrested hutch or kinahan or whoever, instead of just providing a running commentary to the press.

  2. OirishToimes

    Iveagh House panicking that there’s no trans-atlantic junkets in the diary for the great and the good of the Irish political establishment on Paddy’s Day.

    Irish dinosaur media trying to cover up and find an angle – hopefully the call will come (they’ll get to go too, after all). Fleet of vehicles to collect Foreign Affairs officials and bring them all up to shake hands with the hurley holdin’, Ireland-lovin’ President (sure everyone loves de Irish) followed by an almighty pish-up in DC (being careful not to break anything).

    Ireland got its peace. It got its investment. It got its good will. Go forth and multiply.

    A golf course in Co Clare may not seem like such a big deal, but it’s the sentiment and rabble-rousing behind it that Trump won’t give the time of day to.

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