10 thoughts on “If You Say So

  1. Murtles

    Depends on the distance from said front door to the side door and whether or not front door has been adequately blocked or shuttered that can be seen from a distance. Otherwise cue a barrage of people trying to get out broken front door but can’t leading to annoyance and exasperations such as “ahhhhh jayyyysus, wouldn’t ya tink dey’d purrup a bleedin’ sign” *

    *apologies to Dublin folk, it is tough to do the accent justice in writing

  2. AnPilibeenSleibhe

    My favourite “dublin sign” are the set of bus stops along Bachelors Walk which all read “Bacherlors Walk”.

  3. AssPants

    One of the best Dublin signs I have seen, is a road sign on Killarney Street (I think) it reads;

    “No left turn arrow”

    What is brilliant about this sign is that it was replaced about 18 months for a newer, and leaner sign with exactly the same wording…..


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