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The February issue of Village magazine – on shelves from today – complete with a simple, if frankly gasp-inducing, visual aid for potential Donald Trump assassins.

Via Village:

Donald Trump is a purveyor of hatred, a contrarian anti-liberal, anti-democratic and hostile to a free press, anti-environmental corruptible bully; a liar, misogynist groper and a boor. He developed the political platform you would expect on the back of this persona….

….He holds the reins of power in the most powerful country in the world. He holds the nuclear codes, he can start wars, he can ensure nothing is done about climate change, so that civilisation itself is threatened.

FIRE Fight!

Why Not (Village)

73 thoughts on “The Lone Nut Issue

  1. Listrade

    What on earth where they thinking with this? Oh yeah, clicks and page hits. Ah, but it’s ok really because right at the end they have a sentence saying, “nah don’t kill him”. Like we really needed the Village to tell us that. Horrible, horrible, irresponsible clickbait and I feel dirty for giving them the hit to read it.

    Jesus, do we even need to discuss the wrong or rights? Has there been some public chatter wondering about the ethics of advocating for the assassination of the President that I have missed?

    Enjoy the clicks and the ad revenue. Oh, FYI:


    1. No more mr nice guy

      So angry and self righteous all the time.
      It must be so wearying attempting to moderate the entire content of the Internet , news magazines and periodicals and handing out all those virtual slaps on the wrist. You’re some man for one man.

      1. Listrade

        You’re cute, I’m flattered and even a little tempted. Negging really does seem to work. But I’m taken and I have to walk the line.

        Sorry to Friend-Zone you. Can i keep your details in case things don’t work out though?

    1. Sandra Duffy

      Pence would only set the US back a few years. They can put that right with the next Presidential election. There’ll be nothing left to set right if Trump gets four years. The world is a Trump fart away from WW3.

  2. posttruthbetold

    Cynical attempt by Village to get mainstream media coverage. Will be seen as just another reason to ignore.

  3. steve k

    i dont like the man but bs shouldnt be giving publicity to this. Yes hes a loathsome individual. Would Bs publish the same magazine cover with a photo of Obama or Hillary?

    1. Nigel

      They might if it was on the cover of a national magazine, and controversial? This is remarkably ill-judged, though, and would be even if opposition to and criticism of Trump wasn’t being scrutinised for excesses to be used as propaganda.

      1. AnAccountant

        Why is it ill-judged? What are the actual realistic consequences apart from getting some people offended?

        1. Nigel

          Ammunition for Trump supporters to dismiss ant-Trump people as violent extremists? Also, it’s asinine, scraping the bottom of the barrel for an eye-catching hot take.

          1. AnAccountant

            Trump supporters use EVERYTHING as ammunition for that. Right wingers have been oppressed by lefty elites for at least 8 years now. These are not honest, rational people you are talking about. Everything is confirmation bias to them. A magazine cover, especially one in Ireland ffs, is not going to make that problem any worse.

            As for the second thing, that’s just your personal preference. Which is fine. If they want to get noticed though (have you ever met anyone who actually reads Village?) then this is the way to go. I don’t know if you have any interest in Conor McGregor but this line reminds of things his competitors say when complaining about him. He’s the only household name in that sport. You see his peers, who are relative nobodies, talking about taking pride in working their way up and “earning” their shot and fighting “whoever the UFC says next”. They want to be respectable sportsmen. That’s grand, but nobody cares. Conor McGregor demanded people’s attention and got himself two titles in under 3 years. If people are talking about this magazine cover, Village have done the right thing.

          2. Nigel

            You’re certainly right about the supporters. They make so much up, they hardly need real ammunition.

      2. No more mr nice guy

        Excellent. I wouldn’t have known to be outraged at this without your timely reminder Nigel

        Next question: how outraged should I be on a scale from vegetarian to full vegan?

  4. bisted

    …careful now Village…be careful what you wish for…if Bodger can single-handedly bring down crooked Hillary…then you’ve just spawned a self-fulfilling prophesy…

    1. posttruthbetold

      Incredibly bad attempt to get attention. Village is perpetually ignored by IT/RTE/Indo etc, so this is them throwing an editorial tantrum in a bid to provoke reaction.

      Which mightn’t be such a dumb strategy if the content wasn’t so average. More insightful and articulate editorial analyses have been made elsewhere, many times over, without resorting to toddler mode.

  5. AnAccountant

    It’s a bleedin’ magazine cover. Man, liberals do my nut sometimes. I bet some of you complained about Richard Spencer getting punched as well. Donald Trump is ticking every box for authoritarian fascist dictator. Every one. He’s threatening war with Mexico, Irand and China. And people are whining that someone put crosshairs on his head on a magazine cover? Please.

  6. Joseph O'Neill

    The Left cant handle defeat. They cant accept the idea that their own message is being rejected,

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    A lorra folk go one better with the impeachment prediction and declare that Trump will be assassinated within a year…..then they watch you carefully to see if, or perhaps hope you’ll respond with ‘I hope so’.

  8. AlisonT

    Pretty pathetic cover, possibly enough that any senior staff in The Village will be refused entry to the US for life. Or even more interestingly they may be let in so they can be arrested for what is considered a very serious crime in the US. I don’t think they have thought this one through.

    1. Sandra Duffy

      You seemed to have missed the point. It is not “Why Not?”. It is “Why NOT”. (Emphasis added for the contextually challenged)

    2. Peter clare

      I live here it makes things hard for Irish people who left for work and not funny when you see som one saying they don’t like us have you seen this and that person hands back iris butter saying what did we ever do to them ,, no thanks maby we don’t need to be supporting them ,,, Ireland brought in blasphemy laws they would dare offend a Muslim or put a pic or endogn or putin ,, it makes us look hipocritical and they would all be crying if a British mag had a pic of our president ,,,they should be banned the Irish here don’t need there help

  9. silly stuff

    What did they expect to achieve by this? It is so needy and trashy. They will get some attention from a few right wing nutters on social media and when that all dies down ( give it until Monday) they will be left with a magazine that is more concerned with promoting itself than than any socialist agenda. very stupid and very ill advised . Cringe. cringe

    1. Peter clare

      It’s hurting Ireland when customers are upset enough to hand back produce ,, there’s never been ill will now we are headlines thank stupid mag for making like a little harder for immigrants to the USA ,,, wonder if they have the balls to offend other groups

      1. No more mr nice guy

        Yea how dare an insignificant little leftist rag have an opinion contrary to that of official Ireland! Those Marxist dole collecting scroungers spread shame on the whole country. And i bet that they haven’t a willy whatsit between them! Wimmin the whole lot of them!

  10. SOMK

    Kind of distasteful (quite like village, though it can be a bit waffley), if trump were an actual Hitler that would be another thing, but he isn’t, people tore shreds into Sarah Palin when she did a similar schtik with gun sights.

  11. Sandra Duffy

    Hitler wasn’t Hitler at this point in his regime either. Trump has hit every note on the fascist indicator list already.

  12. MuslimsLoveToKill

    You violated several laws and have been reported to the authorities. People will go to jail for this and the fines will be big enough to shut you down. Let’s hope Trump’s lawyers will go after you personally.

      1. No more mr nice guy

        You b*stard! You are really going to upset “Muslimslovr
        Tokill” now. And such a reasonable fellow and all.

        Ahem eh seriously moderators? Muslimslovetokill?
        Have you no editorial standards whatsoever?

  13. Jack Ascinine

    Hostile to a free press? As in free to make up shite as they go to push their own agenda? I’d be hostile too if I had CNN making up bullshit stories every waking day. The people who should be most hostile are the viewers for being duped.

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