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Sullivan's Quay

Save Cork City members (above) on Saturday at Sullivan’s Quay, Cork

Free Wednesday?

Danny writes:

Some of your readers might be interested in an evening of short talks and discussion we’ve planned for this Wednesday in Cork.

We’re concerned that a heavy-handed flood defence scheme planned by the OPW [Office of Public Works] for Cork City lacks proper consideration and will irreparably change the face of the City.

We are also concerned that the OPW has not done enough to publicise these proposals ahead of their deadline for feedback on the 17th of this month.

In order to avoid the waste of huge amounts of money on a project that we are unconvinced will be successful and will certainly see Cork lose a large part of its character and charm, we are looking for an independent design review of the project and a meaningful public consultation process.

To get the word out and encourage some informed conversation on the project, we held gatherings in three locations around the City last Saturday and are organising a symposium this Wednesday evening at 7pm at Boole 3, University College Cork

We’re also trying to encourage as many people to engage with the OPW’s feedback process by emailing before February 17,  with their concerns. Thank you

Save Cork City


How ugly?

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19 thoughts on “No Lee Way

    1. shitferbrains

      So you’re not a geologist then ? The Lee Valley is a gravel deposit from the Ice Age and water will push up and no walls will be of any use. That’s apart from the storm drains backing up.

      1. Not Gerry Adams

        nope, not a geologist – just offering my uninformed hot take. I would’ve presumed the Cork OPW would have a well thought out plan, but maybe not. Is there a better solution?

  1. Mr. Camomile T

    There’s a certain irony to a campaign group being set up to oppose flood defences in a city whose name derives from the Irish word ‘Corcach’, meaning marsh.

    If they do #stopthewall then they will have to learn to #LovetheLee, so at least their hashtag game is on point.

  2. Ronan

    Wall is preferable. Flood protection or no, I’d be delighted to see modernization of the quay walls in my city.

    Am I really supposed to love the crappy walls and rusty railings that are there today?

    Not everything old is charming. Not everything old needs to be saved.

    Drive on OPW, drive on. Don’t mind them hippies. You can always dig up naysaying experts.

  3. Chucky R. Law

    Looks a hell of a lot nicer than the concrete slabs that the OPW has been attempting to erect for the past year along the south quays in Dublin.

  4. Donal

    Here we go again.

    Every engineering solution presented in this country is me by a surge of fake experts whose analysis based on a very limited knowledge of the facts coincides perfectly with the wishes of the anti-everything gang.

    Why do we listen to these cretins?

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