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This morning.

Royal College of Physicians, Dublin 2

Minister for Health Simon Harris speaks to reporters after giving an address to the Health Enterprise Alliance Symposium.

Mr Harris continues to deal with the fallout of the RTÉ Investigates programme on Monday that revealed the HSE operate at least two other waiting lists not published by the National Treatment Purchase Fund, the body responsible for putting together list data.

Name that physician anyone?

UPDATE: It’s Abraham Colles.

HSE fury over Simon Harris’s response on waiting lists (Irish Times)

Health Minister Simon Harris in secret hospital waiting list talks with HSE after feeling ‘ashamed’ over long delays (The Irish Sun)


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36 thoughts on “Bust

  1. Donger

    While we’re talking about the HSE. A friend worked for them until recently. Staff did not need to produce receipts when claiming expenses. His colleagues that worked on the road would regularly brag about claiming for hotel stays and meals in restaurants when they actually stayed with friends in different parts of the country. How can they be so loose with spending while being completely dysfunctional?

    1. No more mr nice guy

      Sounds like pub talk. Why don’t you ask your friend to contact Bodger and offer to do a piece on it?

  2. nellyb

    Give him a chance, he is trying harder than perennially nonchalant Varadkar. Or so it looks like.
    If hospitals frontline staff does not want to differentiate themselves from expensive and kafka like HSE bureaucracy – well, it’s their choice really, innit? And unions are not helping either, sloganeering in fake rage and pretending they do not understand root causes of the crisis. Yeah right. Unions should be leading the call for independent legal review of contracts and cooperate with government on reforming health service administration. Diverting money to frontline paychecks and patients. But that would be sci-fi, wouldn’t it be?
    We’re all complicit in health shambles, it’s not provided and managed by foreign government, it’s our relatives and friends working there.

        1. dav

          @No more mr nice guy – be substantive on the argument “ah shure, give him a chance”???
          He’s been part of a government in this incantation and the previous one that has cut basic services to the bone, ensuring that citizens of this country suffer while bankers and vulture funds thrive.
          give him and his ilk a chance??? jesus wept

          1. No more mr nice guy

            There was a lot of other stuff there about unions dav. And like it or not, this is a new government. He is hardly in the job a wet week.

    1. Medium Sized C

      “Give him a chance, he is trying harder than perennially nonchalant Varadkar. Or so it looks like.”

      Yeah, looks like.
      Which means absolutely nothing at all.

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