First Out Of The Gate


File Photo Fine Gael Leadership Crisis. It was highly significant that the two leading contenders to replace Mr Kenny,ÊSimon Coveney and Mr Varadkar, both addressed a meeting with an almost identical message. It was a simple and direct one: the party needed to be ready for anÊelection from now on. End.17/2/2010 Young Fine Gael Jobs Campaign launch. Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny T.D., Leo Varadkar T.D., right, and Simon Coveney T.D., on the way to launching the Young Fine Gael's 'Working to Get You Working' campaign today (17/2/2010) outside the Dail. The campaign is aimed at pressuring the Government to implement Fine Gael's plan to get 30,000 young people off the Live Register this year. Photo. Mark Stedman/

He’ll know.

Leo Varadkar: ‘Enda Kenny has been a fabulous leader of Fine Gael’ (Independent)


11 thoughts on “First Out Of The Gate


    should leo not be at home compiling some flaky 90’s bigbeat playlist to show us he really is just one of us

  2. Devine

    Lads would you mind putting your ambitions aside for a moment so that attention can be focused on the perpetrators of the character assassination of Maurice MacCabe. We all know Kenny is on his final lap, and that you’ll get your shot at the leadership, so do us a favour (media included) can we please go back to the reason for the crisis

    1. martco

      yep +1
      it’s getting relegated to the back stories already but maybe worse happening here I think there’s a massage campaign going on right now under our noses…for example one thing I picked up on from a 10 second radio clip today is that FF Jim O’Callaghan voxpop stating that y’know it’s grand if Noirin stays in her job whilst being investigated ‘cos it’s entirely possible for someone to do that as proven previously by BERTIE AHERN


      this goes to show just how fupping out of touch these fckrs are with what people want done…I get the horrible feeling that the spin cycle is on 1300rpm and we’re getting fed a load of horses–t now to keep us all in the fog…and I think Maurice McCabe already not getting the respect he deserves

      not good enough

  3. ironcorona

    Can’t get more beige than Varadkar.

    With any luck a general election will knock FG out of government so that we can have Michael Martin running the place…

    Oh, you CAN get more beige than Varadkar.

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