Justice for Magdalenes Research writes:

This weekend, on Sunday March 6, the fifth annual Flowers for Magdalenes events will take place around the country in all cities and towns where there were Magdalene Laundries.

Justice for Magdalenes Research (JFMR) is calling on members of the public to visit Magdalene graves and lay a flower to honour the women who lived and died behind convent walls.

At least 1,663 former Magdalene women are buried in cemeteries in Ireland, many of whom are in unmarked graves.

Some of the events on Sunday include:

Dublin: Glasnevin Cemetery, 11.30am

Cork: St Joseph’s Graveyard, Tory Top Road, 11.30am

Galway: Bohermore Cemetery, 3pm

Limerick: Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery, 3pm

New Ross: St Stephen’s Cemetery, 2pm

Waterford: Ballygunner Cemetery, adjacent to St Mary’s Church, 2pm

Via Justice For Magdelenes Research

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The Guardian posted this documentary, entitled Ireland’s forgotten mixed-race child abuse victims, last Friday.

In it, Rosemary Adaser, who now lives in London, returns to St Joseph’s Industrial School in Kilkenny, where she was abused as a child. It’s the first time she returns to the school in 40 years.

After she became pregnant, at 16, and gave birth, Rosemary’s son was sent to a mother-and-baby home while Rosemary was looked after by foster parents Brian and Mary Rothery.

Readers will note that a Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes is under way. The closing date for applications to meet the Confidential Committee in relation to the commission of investigation is Wednesday, March 1.

Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation

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21 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. Rob_G

    “Organised by Sinn Féin Women…”

    “At least 1,663 former Magdalene women are buried in cemeteries in Ireland, many of whom are in unmarked graves”.

    As any with any right-thinking person, I am disgusted with the way the Magdalene women were treated, but Sinn Féin seem absolutely impervious to irony with the juxtaposition above.

  2. Joe Small

    I wonder what the reaction would be if Labour Youth or Young Fine Gael hijacked something like this. Pretty low from SF.

  3. Zena

    Fair play to Mary Lou McDonald. Why shouldn’t she get involved? Where are all the other TD’s that should be raising awareness of these events?

    1. Rob_G

      Well, during the epoch that these unmarried mothers were dying of natural causes (presumably) and being buried in unmarked graves, the organisation that she belongs to was killing widowed mothers of 10 children, and burying them in unmarked graves.

  4. Zena


    If you’re responding to me, please answer in full. Where are all the other TD’s that should be getting involved in this? Too busy propping up the Dail bar and inflating their expenses sheets no doubt.

    It would be a refreshing change if you responded to posts, with a little positivity, instead of your usual ,well trotted and worn out cess-filled responses. Thank you.

    1. Rob_G

      Hi Zena,

      I agree that TDs from other parties should get involved, you are dead right.

      It would be a lot nicer for the commemoration if they could get someone other than Mary Lou McDonald, who chooses to remain loyal to a party that protects rapists and child abusers.

    2. Steph Pinker

      It is odd that Zena – aka ‘Don Pídgéoní’ – has only taken issue with Rob_G’s comments on this thread, especially considering the fact that Rob has pointed out the absolute and disgusting hypocrisy of SF in hopping on another bandwagon regarding human/ womens’ rights when SF themselves were, and still are, complicit in the deaths of so many women, men and children through their various bombing campaigns – not to mention the lives they destroyed through the facilitation of child sexual abuse, kangaroo courts and the bodies of those who disappeared at the deranged, perverse and sudden whims of so-called ‘Good’ Republicans and the IRA Army Council in Belfast.

      ‘Zena’, your advocacy of Mary Lou and SF leaves much to be desired, primarily because the Magdalene laundries abuse issues in this country are not, and should not be used as political point scoring; secondly, SF/ IRA have proven themselves to have the least respect for ANY human life, be it young or old, protestant or catholic, military or civilian, male or female – lest you forget, GA was aware his brother was sexually abusing his own daughter and GA knew about it, and he still got him a job working with children, also, there are some SF/IRA victims who have been brave enough to come forward even though they will live in fear for the rest of their lives for doing so.

      The reality and repercussions of SF/ IRA’s sick actions, in every regard, still resonate with many in this country and will do for generations to come, but the fact you are defending them under the guise of womens’ rights goes to show how myopic and lacking in understanding you really are.

      1. Zena

        @ Steph Pinker A.K.A. LJG

        TLDR past first few lines.

        Just to clarify, Rob addressed my original comment, go and beat your drum somewhere else, rather than trying to orchestrate a dispute with me.

        1. Steph Pinker

          ‘Orchestrate a dispute’ says she – the same individual who wrote in a previous post to Rob, ‘It would be a refreshing change if you responded to posts, with a little positivity, instead of your usual ,well trotted and worn out cess-filled responses.’ Oh, dear – pidgin physician heal thyself! You still like to pick a fight online but you run to the hills and play the victim when presented with facts; like it or not, I will keep speaking for the rights of women, men and children who have had their voices taken from them through death, sexual abuse or other means due to the actions of mealy-mouthed, hypocritical, depraved paedophiles and killers, some of whom are members of SF and the PIRA.

          Based on your previous posts under your many usernames, Don, it’s evident you are an à la carte feminist, but at least you have the choice – unlike the women and children who were subjected to fatal, oppressive, debilitating and sick perversions literally at the hands of your cult leader and his minions.

          Goodnight, I’ve made my point – not that I should have to spell it out as such.

          1. Zena

            Steph, Rob is more than capable to speak for himself, furthermore, your rambling interjection is totally unnecessary.

            Look forward to seeing you in Glasnevin.

  5. Zena

    Rob, you are going off topic on this thread, no offence. It is encouraging to see TD’s getting behind worthy causes, such as this, let’s not bash them when they are doing good. Thanks.

    1. Rob_G

      “… let’s not bash them when they are doing good”.

      I disagree – Mary Lou’s advocacy for victims of abuse at the hands of the State stands in stark contrast to her silence on SF/IRA’s treatment of abuse victims in their parallel ‘state’. Her actions stink of hypocrisy.

  6. Zena

    Rob, we’ll agree to disagree.

    I see Mary Lou’s involvement as a positive, you and your mammy Steph do not. A chink of light is a chink of light, no matter where it’s from.


    1. Clampers Outside

      ML denied the existence of kangaroo courts, and later tried to justify their existence while washing herself and her party of responsibility for the outcomes of these courts… the release of multiple sexual predators and rapists on the South.

      fupp ML and her pontificating double standard…. pfft!
      Respect her…. Hah! Get off the bus!

  7. Zena

    Well done Forlorn-Finbar and Negative-Nancy, for hijacking a thread that was imperative in getting the word out there, so that attendance numbers would be as high as possible.

    You’re both so wrapped up in your own bitterness that you don’t give a damn where you vent. The pair of you are no addition at all. Shameful.

    SP has shown herself to be a loose cannon many times, but you two? Tut tut.

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