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Good times.

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  1. Clampers Outside!


    Sorry what now?

    Because 2017 and feels?

    In fairness, if he used ‘govt’ instead of the whole world the tweet would have read better, just sayin’

    * awaits lynching *

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Clampers, I’m not out to lynch you or anything, but surely a little more empathy and a little less pedantry might be required here.

      Regardless of the hyperbolic nature of the tweet, there is a nasty truth about it that needs to be addressed and the government fails to adequately do so.

      1. And Social Justice For All

        Not really. It’s fake news. While the government undoubtedly could do more to alleviate the risks of homelessness in fact so could homeless people.

        1. Anne

          It’s not fake news..fake news is what Donald Trump tries to create..fake news is the reasons for the invasion of iraq..fake news is the cold war. this isn’t fake news.. people trying to raise awareness of a real issue isnt fake news.

          1. And Social Justice For All

            It’s absolutely fake news. There’s no reason to add insult to injury and absurd stunts like this do little in practical terms to convince decision-makers

          2. Anne

            decision makers havent been making the right hello..civil disobedience is the only hope we have of forcing them to make the right decisions.

            again, trot along u pest

        2. Ricky Ricardo

          How is it fake news, you absolute dolt? Are you saying the people in those tents aren’t homeless? That those aren’t gardaí in the second picture evicting (meaning, dictionary definition here, and pay attention, “to expel (someone) from a property, especially with the support of the law.”) people? Or that it isn’t a car park across from government buildings?

          What part of what you saw above is “fake” exactly? I assume you’ll be coming back with evidence of your own to prove your assertion. Unless you are, as I said, an absolute dolt. Which is it?

          1. And Social Justice For All

            They’re not being expelled as they don’t have possession. To do so would require the direction of a court. They’re being asked to move along and can come back tomorrow if they wish.

            Btw Dolt? Mods please! Why do I have to suffer abuse in this forum?

          2. Ricky Ricardo

            Listen, if you’re having trouble with the actual meaning of words, I can’t help you. Evict means to displace, expel, or remove–possession is not a requirement for eviction.

            Wordz–they haz meaningz.

          3. And Social Justice For All

            They’re not being evicted in the historical sense of the ordinary meaning of that term. The only reason the word is used here is to stir up unnecessary hatred of the gardai. Who are merely doing what they do day in and out ie ask ordinary citizens who in their opinion are causing a public hazard or nuisance to refrain from doing so.
            Clearly camping in a yellow box is unlawful and dangerous: further the camping outside the houses of the oireachtas is arguably a political act. Fupp off political homeless people and make your point through your local TD.

          4. Ricky Ricardo

            This isn’t inspiring hatred of the gardaí. I think anyone would recognise that they are just doing what they have been directed to do. The hatred is at the government officials who overlook those tents.

          5. And Social Justice For All

            At least you admit now this is a political act and therefore not an ‘eviction’ with the unnecessary and hyperbolic connotations of that word in this framing

          6. Ricky Ricardo

            No, I don’t. It will all read as fake news if you’re going to just imagine that people are saying things. I think I’ve found your problem. PEBCAC

    2. Brother Barnabas

      in all fairness, Clampers, ridiculing the use of the word ‘evicting’ just shows you don’t really know what it means.

      Those people were evicted – and in the correct sense of the word too.

    3. And Social Justice For All

      Clampers is correct. These people are causing a public nuisance. They are not being “evicted”.

        1. And Social Justice For All

          Technically no as they don’t have possession. They are merely being asked to not be a nuisance.

          1. And Social Justice For All

            In case and before you start one of those tedious trollfests don’t even bother replying Nigel. I’m not as predictable and besotted with you as Clampers

          2. Nigel

            One does not have to have possession in order to be evicted. But hey, thanks for letting me have the last word!

          3. Nigel

            1. They’re not parked, they’re camped unless you mean ‘they’ve parked themselves’ in the colloquial sense, in which case you’re definitely in no position to be taking issue with the use of ‘evicted.’
            2. They are being evicted from the yellow box.
            3. It’s a terrible place to camp, potentially quite dangerous as well as a blockage, but I expect if you’re living like that you take what you can for as long as you can.
            4. It’s not fake news, unless your idea of fake news is people noticing and talking about stuff you disapprove of.

          4. And Social Justice For All

            See you’re doing it now again Nigel.

            You really, really have a problem sport.

          1. Zena

            Ha ha, well we won’t know for sure until there’s another thread on Poolbeg – but here’s hoping ……

          2. Brother Barnabas

            did he announce his departure?

            we tried to convince him to give another site a go (can’t remember what it’s called now). perhaps he reconsidered.

          3. Anne

            why would anyone tell you they’re leaving anyway? who gives a bovine whatsit like? Are they expecting to be begged to stay or something? Like don’t go Louis, we can work things out.. dont say it’s over, things just won’t be the same without you.. lol

          4. And Social Justice For All

            Come on now Anne

            If you announced you were leaving they’d be in mourning here for weeks

    1. Grace

      There was a couple of people sleeping rough in a tent like those last week on Parkgate st – near the old Hickeys building. Hopefully they got sorted with something, as they seem to be gone for few days now.

    2. Starina

      “excuse me sir, you are clearly not homeless as your tent appears to be constructed of more than a tarp and a piece of mouldy ham”

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