The Harder They Come




Last week, we asked you to provide us your favourite reggae tune.

In fact, we asked specifically:

“The greatest reggae track of all time is _______________________________because__________________’

As usual, a princely €25 voucher for any of fourteen Golden Discs outlets nationwide was at stake.

The competition was especially tuff but there could only be one winner

Niallo’s entry takes the bong gong :

“Greatest reggae song ? Prince Buster, yes, Peter Tosh, yes, The Wailers, yes, Toots, oh yes ! But, speaking as someone who’s been to Jamaica (been to Peter Tosh’s house/grave), there is only one spokesman for the good people of Jamaica who live in places like Russia (a town/ghetto out the back of Negril) and the Caribbean equivalent of the blues, and seeing as the quintessential reggae themed movie is its namesake… I’ll just leave this here: Desmond Dekker & The Aces’ Israelites. Tcha man.”

In other highlights from the skanking:

Walter-Ego: An unlikely contender for a reggae classic, but when The Pioneers’ favorite horse, Long Shot ‘Combat’ fell in the first race at Caymanas Park one afternoon, taking the the duo’s large wages with him, a classic was born. Released in 1969, Long Shot Kick de Bucket from The Pioneers.

Badatmemes: “It’s widely believed that the first Reggae song ever released in 1968 was by Lee Scratch Perry and it was called People Funny Boy. It has a baby crying in it. It’s effin brilliant. It goes like this.”

edalicious: “The greatest reggae track of all time is Big Five by Prince Buster because of the absolutely RIDICULOUS lyrics, and the big farty synth bits. Quality.”

Ploppy: “The greatest reggae track of all-time is Born For a Purpose by Doctor Alimantado, because even though he may not have been a qualified medical physician, the good Doctor’s 1977 classic is so full of fire and passion it can heal all wounds.”

Psydeshow: “The greatest reggae track of all time is I Chase the Devil by Max Romeo and the Upsetters, because I challenge you to resist its hypnotic rhythm. Apparently, some band sampled it heavily in the 90s, can’t remember their name; some young fellas who thought they were pretty smart, no doubt…”

Any excuse

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12 thoughts on “The Harder They Come

  1. Niallo

    I.. but.. who me ?, what ? I did ?
    Dat shot ! Jah be praised !
    Swony right and proper dat ting gwan some reggae.
    Could me brederin pm me how i and i go collect ?
    Irie, etc.

  2. Karen

    Would have to agree with “Israelites”, unbelievably great song. “The harder they come” is another gem.

  3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Everybody was a winner.
    – Except for the losers…who were also winners when you think about it, but are still losers.

    Congratulations to everybody who took part.

    Special congratulations to Mr Niallo for winning with his excellent choice of Israelites.

    Nice one Niallo.
    It’s one of those songs you never tire of, no matter how often you hear it, unless you are a loser or something.

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