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In June 2014, a blog post by Izzy Kamikaze revealed the existence of vast sewage works under the site of the former Tuam Mother and baby Home.

Izzy will take us through her research on Tuam and other Mother and Baby homes around Ireland tonight on a special show streamed live here and on our YouTube channel at 11.45..

If you would like to join the discussion please send an email to

And if you want a particular aspect discussed please leave suggestions below.

Previously: It Seems Quite Probable The Babies Are Buried In The Sewage Tanks’

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47 thoughts on “Talking About Tuam

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    Looking forward to this.

    Great job lads. Do ye hope to use Thursday’s show to discuss some of the stuff brought up tonight? It’ll make some great viewing, if ye do.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Well done ! Enjoyed would be the wrong word.. I feel sick . However I congratulate and thank your courage and efforts in getting to the truth in this horrible reality of Irish society. My greatest wish would be to see religion divorced from the care and education of future generations and for survivors to be held accountable for thier crimes against humanity.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Yeah! People who have empathy for other human beings are such dicks! It was to be completely expected that those people would get upset at the deaths of children because they have feelings and feelings are for losers. At least that’s what my absent father who never showed me any love told me.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Church apologists hate it when violence and abuse by their religious betters is made public.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Again, fair play to you Izzy for all the work you’ve done. And fair play to you BS for giving her a platform… I look forward to viewing this look into Izzy’s work and hear from her, thanks.

    I’ll watch live if I’m awake.

  3. Gerard Murphy

    Am wondering are people aware that there may have been a burial ground (official or otherwise) in The Home, I remember there was a small walled area with a gate on it ( actually I think the gate is still there today) near the area that is now being investigated. It was hard to say if it was a small graveyard as at the time I saw it (when the new houses were being built ) it was over grown with bushes. It was directly opposite what I believe was an extension that was built on to the Home Building, (an extension that looked like it was a hospital ward!) . This extension was a strange building as there was an entrance where you could walk underneath it (I never ventured in too far as it was covered in muck and was dark…not many kids would go in ) , that strange entrance was directly opposite the walled area with the gate , the gate had a little cross on the top of it
    Now this is over 40 years ago but I think I am pretty sure about this !
    Maybe ye can discuss!

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    I will certainly listen tomorrow.
    My beloved aunt (deceased) experienced a couple of years and much trauma in a mother and baby home in the 1950s. She only spoke about it in her latter years, only to pass on the reality and truth to me before she departed. I’m actually sad now that I considered it a close family secret and never ever considered it a national one; but that was the way with clerical abuse….under the carpet.

  5. Nigel

    Should we consider bringing in the sort of people who excavated mass graves looking for evidence of war crimes in Bosnia?

    1. Sam

      Not a bad idea. Even if it has to be crowdfunded to shamed the state into doing something.

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      I think that would be ideal. These people know their business and work swiftly. I have heard on various stations today the inevitable talk of “enormous cost” and “many, many years” etc, with which we are all familiar. Translation: who cares anyway – let’s move on -nothing to see here – this might be embarrassing. Have you heard the tax take is up and we’re building ‘SOBO’?? Jesu wept.

    3. rotide

      At the risk of sounding heartless but I’m being put to sleep by the broadcast, but Why?

      There’s no doubt these children died, and there doesn’t seem to be any doubt that they are buried on the grounds. the fuss is about that they were dumped/buried/disposed of in a septic tank/cess pool/sewege tunnels whatever. That sort of detective work seems to be a little bit below the remit of a war crimes commission.

      1. The Lady Vanishes

        The law at the time was not followed in relation to their deaths and burials. This raises concerns about what might have preceded these deaths, surely?

        1. jusayinlike

          Brilliant work broadsheet..

          The sinister cabal of disinfo agents crawling all over this story both home and abroad is truly startling..

        2. Cian

          what law in relation to their deaths and burials was broken? The deaths (800 of them) were registered – which is how the story started last year.

      2. Nigel

        Not talking about a war crimes commission, simply the kind of forensic expertise to get as close to definitive answers as possible.

  6. Harry Molloy

    Not that I would be inclined to believe any religious publications, but it has been alleged that the reports are not accurate; that while there is a septic tank at the rear of the premises there is also a crypt for unclaimed bodies and this is where the bodies were buried.

    Does anyone know if this has been discounted?

    1. Lilly

      Catherine Corless got almost 800 death certs with no corresponding record of burial. This is where the figure comes from and it seems a reasonable deduction in the circumstances.

  7. anne

    Noonan launched Bon Secours in Limerick today. This in the wake of the Tuam bodies. The Bon Secours order own a series of private hospitals. Noonan was pictured smiling and laughing. Maybe he was letting the board of Bon Secours know the Fine Gael government would do nothing to the order or their private profits despite them being implicated in the mass murder of children?

    Bon Secours made €2.3 million in profit last year and have over €70 million in accumulated profits as of the end of 2016.

    People Before Profit have called vigils at all Bon Secours hospitals for 6pm this Friday.

      1. anne

        If only we could all be like Baldy Noonan there, with the few sycophants in Limerick patting him on the back, telling him what a genius he is..shur wouldn’t we all be grinning from ear to ear. You could scream it’s so sickening.

  8. bisted

    …well done Izzy and Broadsheet…can’t believe I managed to stay awake for this but it was riveting…

  9. Twinser

    Great that you’ll be sticking with this story. We CAN”T let this be swept under the carpet too!!

  10. Clampers Outside!

    Watched / listened to a half hr this morning…. will get the rest this evening.

    A great listen… maybe these Broadsheet on the Telly pieces could be released as podcasts too… for catching up on the go.

    Keep it up BS! Thanks too to the contributors for staying up and alert on a school night :)

  11. mildred st. meadowlark

    An absolutely brilliant watch lads. Really great. And well done to Izzy too. Some excellent points raised. Can’t wait to see what Izzy’s new research produces.

    Keep pushing with this. We can’t let this one lie.

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