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Clockwise from top left: Neil, Mark, Olga, Johnny, Mike and Edel

A sincere thank you/non-threatening cuddle to Neil Curran, Johnny Keenan, Mark Malone*, Edel Brady, Olga Cronin and Mike McGrath Bryan, our panel for last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

Subjects tackled included Strike4Repeal; Tuam; the Coalition of Mother and Baby Home Survivors’ proposal on how the commission could encompass multiple institutions/situations, as opposed to just mother and baby homes, to represent all known types of survivors; direct provision; The Irish Times; and the 2002 indemnity deal with 18 religious congregations.

The show can be watched in its entirety above.

If you would like to take part in future shows please send short email/bio to marked ‘Broadsheet on the Telly’.

Suggestions, advice and critique welcome below.

Last night: Broadsheet on the telly TONIGHT

* Mark Malone blogs at Sound Migration.

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143 thoughts on “Talking For Ireland

  1. Johnny Keenan

    Right let’s have ye.
    Technical difficulties cut me down last night.
    Up for some serious texting. It would be great if people have informed feedback and stick to the thread.
    Disclaimer. All my opinions are based on facts that FF and FG governments and Catholic church fupped up the country I call home.

      1. Johnny Keenan

        Sur how can we get understanding and respect for each other Frank if we don’t stick to the point of the thread?

  2. Margaret O' Brien

    Re the ‘truth and reconciliation ‘ commission. We know the truth. What we do not have is anyone being responsible and this proposed ‘commission’ protects against criminal responsibility once again. As for Kenny’s outrageous, hypocretical claim and narrative of total societal blame, how dare he! It’s not true!! Nuns did forcibly remove babies from their mothers for adoption! How dare he equate the coerced actions of vulnerable, ignorant and powerless individuals and families with the threats of eternal damnation, promises by powerful forces of social, cultural and economic exclusion unto the next generation and beyond. How dare he! In the last week we are back the Magdalene’s, Tuam, HSE lying to the PAC on Grace etc. None of this is new. We know it!! In 2017 we have a commission deciding whether a predominantly male Dail might, just might consider giving a woman the basic human right of bodily integrity. We get no where, because women still do not matter. We are still seeing as second class citizens. I’ve heard all of this before…all of it. To present all this as a revelation, new news is the great success of the ‘no responsibility paradigm’ . I know the truth! I want people held responsible for it.

  3. Listrade

    We know a lot, but we need the full picture. A Truth Commission would (if done right) help.

    To add to my already lengthy posts, a few more thoughts on why it is right to be outraged and why it is right to look to hold the state responsible.

    We can blame ourselves for going along with the culture, but what exactly was that culture? The culture was one of deference to the Church, not one of accepting the abuse and neglect of children. Let’s not forget that. There’s a reason it was kept quiet, a reason why great pains were taken to hide what was happening…because they knew it was wrong.

    The idea that the “culture” at the time accepted this is nonsense. For many here our parents were born during that time, some of us may have been born during that time. There wasn’t a culture of accepted child abuse and neglect. It was a culture of deference and acceptance of what those in a position of power told us. They told us all was fine and there was nothing to see here. That was our culpability, choosing to believe them…probably too easily and too readily.

    It was the state that brought in the legislation to facilitate this. It wanted to get rid of the workhouses, which was noble, but the workhouse didn’t only house the poor, they housed the elderly, the mentally ill, the unmarried mother. The poor were looked after in different legislation, they wouldn’t have to suffer that indignity. The elderly too would find dignity in separate housing and care. Unmarried mothers and illegitimate children? Seen as the same as the mentally ill.

    That’s not just “culture”. That isn’t deference of the people to the Church, that is the state considering an unmarried mother and her child on the same level as the mentally ill. It passed off responsibility for care to the Church.

    And it was only the mothers. No institutions for the fathers. A weak attempt at legislation was made where the mother would have to sue the father in court and be cross examined and pay their costs and have her evidence of the conception corroborated.

    Then there was the Health Board who asked the Bon Secours to open a maternity ward because they didn’t want the unmarried mothers in the public wards with the “legitimate” pregnancies. If you had money you could pay for a private bed, otherwise if you wanted a midwife to be present at the birth, you had to go to the Home. The cost was you stayed for a year to repay them for their kindness. And sign over ownership of your baby.

    It wasn’t just “Irish” culture, it wasn’t just deference to the church, the whole mechanism of law and health care left those who were poor with no choice but to go to these homes. Yes many were shamed and abandoned by their families, but there was also no other choice for them. The state could have intervened to provide options, to counter the shaming, instead it legislated and mandated to strengthen and legitimise the shame.

    Want some more anger?

    The number of bodies at that site is going to be very significant. We know from the records that 796 death certificates were issued. 2 of those listed as dying under the care of the Home were buried in a graveyard. There is no record of burial for any of the other deaths.

    The site the bodies have been found is not registered as a grave site and there are no records of any burials.

    If there are 796 bodies in there, then there will actually be some relief. At least they are accounted for and we can see how they died…and whether or not they were dumped. That’s minor though (trust me it is best case scenario given the alternative), if they were dumped, it is just another tick in the neglect and callousness these children were treated with in their short lives. If they were laid to rest with some respect, well it’s something at least, but it doesn’t mitigate the catalogue of neglect.

    Those saying that there won’t be 796, that it isn’t a mass grave, that it’ll be a handful…all I can say is be careful, if it isn’t 796, then there are more questions. For those wishing to play this down, the best scenario for them is 796 bodies, then we can argue over the semantics of “dumped” or “placed” as a distraction.
    Fewer than 796 and we have a problem. First, where are they then? We are aware of rumours that bodies were sold to hospitals (hello Board of Health again!). Is that what happened to them? Or are they in a different site? Or is it as the HSE suspected in 2012 and raised with the Government (hello state again!) many of the death records were faked.

    Good news, the death rate at the Home may not have been as high as is recorded. It wasn’t twice as high as the national average after all, it wasn’t comparable to a slum, it was much lower, the Sisters just faked the records. Phew.

    The HSE reported concerns that a significant number of death certificates were faked in order that the children could be sold and trafficked. Oh.

    Now that would be bad. Criminal bad. They were exempted from the adoption legislation, but that was the formalities and record keeping. Faking the death of a child to sell it, well that’s pure criminal.
    So for those defending or in a flap over semantics, be careful. There is no good outcome here. 796 bodies opens up all the issues of neglect and abuse. It will not matter one bit if they were placed or dumped. It is how they ended up there. Fewer than 796 and it gets into worrying territory. Don’t be so quick to plead the case that this isn’t a mass grave for the sake of being smug over twitter hand wringing.

    Finally, the lovely Sisters. Bit more to anger up the blood. The HSE report also mentions that as well as the stipend, as well as the slave labour, the Sisters wrote to the parents of the mother asking for more money. Let’s just say it verged on blackmail. Remember that culture of shame? Be a shame if anyone found out your daughter and grandchild were in here.

    It doesn’t end there. On a whim, that year in their care could be extended by the sisters if they felt you hadn’t contributed enough to pay off your debt.

    And those letters were also sent to parents even though the child was supposed to have died. Probably one of those cut and paste errors officials are so fond of.

    This is why we need a Truth Commission. There is so much wrong here, beyond neglect, we need to know everything.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        I have a problem;
        – I agree with And Social Justice For All.

        Short posts are reasonable.
        Long posts are superfluous. Nobody reads them.

        HERE’S A TIP;
        Be secant* and precise, but confusing. Use trigonometry..
        Make them ask questions.
        Don’t try to give all the answers at once.
        – They won’t read it until you start stopping that.

        This is the worldwide web we’re talking about, on..
        I’m on your side.
        I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I’ll try to be good. I hate passing judgement and I would rath…

        I need to shut up.

        F***ers are fickle.
        Long sentences are a muck in a mickle.**

        *Not secant, succint.
        **I don’t know what that means. It just sounded good.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          Wait a minute…
          I almost forgot…

          I agree with And Social Justice For All.

          Has anyone got any advice?


  4. Nigel

    Nun on Joe Duffy. ‘Let the dead rest.’ ‘They were sad times.’ ‘Where were the families?’ ‘They (the nuns) did their best.’ ‘Get on with caring for the living.’
    Another nun ‘a lot of conjectruring.’

    1. nellyb

      what can you realistically expect from someone in confinement, gas-lighted and celibate for life (at least some)? I mean… shells of humans.

  5. Nigel

    A woman now – ‘They were the only people who ever did anything for those girls.’
    ‘Those girls had families behind them who just left them there.’
    ‘It was just what happened in those times.’

  6. Johnny Keenan

    I rang liveline on RTE (Irish National Broadcaster)
    at 13.50 on the following phone number
    01- 2083263 to challenge a nun on the ‘Tuam Babies’ crisis.
    She was giving a platform and allowed to say ‘we should let them rest in peace’.
    I rang to make a point on this whole cover up.
    I wanted to challenge this retired nun and ask her about the money trail involved in the Catholic church. I got to talk to a guy who I later found out to be the producer of liveline.
    He assured me, in fact he promised me that the liveline team had a team meeting this morning and they agreed that a part of the programme was seeking answers about money in the Catholic Church. He then asked me if I would like to go on air and make my point. I said of course. He proceeded to ask me for my address and I said Kilkenny. He wanted to know my full address and I refused to give it to him. He said I could not go on air without giving him my full address. I told him I have contributed on radio stations before and I was never asked to give my full address. He told ‘it was regulation’.
    He told me that a lot of people were ringing to make the same point about money in the church, so I felt happy that the point was been made by someone.
    After the call finished I thought about it and I rang back.
    I was talking to the same guy. I asked his name and he told me it was Aonghus McAnally. I said oh the producer.
    I said I will give you my address if you give me yours. He thought he was been clever when he was about to give me his work address and I said ‘ no your private address’. He didn’t want to give it to me but he was insisting that I would not get on liveline if I did not give him my address in Kilkenny. I told him I could not give him that information because of the fear of a third party getting that information. I know that selling personal information to third parties is big business. I assured him that I didn’t think RTE were going to sell my information to a third party but as I said to him it’s hard to trust anyone these days.
    I told him once again that I couldn’t understand why he needed to know my private address and he told me once again it was regulation.
    So can anyone help me in this regard?
    Why do RTE need to know your address when they have your phone number. If all you are doing is making a call to comment on a serious social political and clerical issue that liveline don’t seem to be giving the full story on. Is this what trends as #RteBias ?

    For anyone still reading this, liveline did not cover the money trail in the Catholic Church that I wanted to question. Instead they concentrated on the sad stories of victims of clerical abuse. I fell this is an insult to injury.
    I don’t want to speak on behalf of victims of clerical and state abuse. However as a citizen of this country I want the scum responsible for this continuous systematic cover up brought to task.
    I firmly believe that like everything that’s wrong with this septic isle if you follow the money trail you will find the answer.

    The Producer Aonghus McAnally promised me that liveline would. But they didn’t.

    It’s hard to trust the government, Catholic church, public sector and national broadcaster these days.

    We need to deal with this now and not allow it to be another national scandal to be swept under the carpet and forgotten about.
    If we don’t take back our ‘Republic’ by peaceful means we don’t deserve to have it.
    What would all the souls that were betrayed, starved, slaughtered, murdered, raped and ignored at the hands of government and church want us to do???
    Well I want to be part of a conscious change. A change that will put an end to lies and deception.
    I want to stand shoulder to shoulder with a people who feel the pain of all the tortured people present and past and are willing to stand up and be counted.

    We put these people in power and we can change it if we really want to change the system.
    We can’t be hypocritical and expect the perpetrators to solve it.

    I want to suggest Town Hall Meetings live on liveline. where concerned citizens are free to speak their mind as long as it’s for the betterment of our society.

    For over 800 years we were butchered and beaten down by a foreign power, only to be butchered and beaten down by our own establishment.
    It’s time to wake up Ireland or are we to be remembered by generations to come as ‘IGNORELAND’ ?

    Information Is Knowledge!
    Knowledge Is Power!
    Power To The Peaceful!
    Because Peaceful People Are Reasonable People.


          1. Anne

            Admins, can ye get rid of this clown again please?

            I enjoyed asking the last time around he was banned.. as he used to go into a bit of a conniption about me asking.

            What were you before? Let me see now..
            ‘They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab’ wasn’t it and ‘My Meat is Murder’ and ‘The Key of G.’ to name but a few.

            Trot along troll.

          2. anne

            Oh really…I’m sure they’re not in the habit of banning people..and shur they’re easily ignored. What would the internet be without the odd lunatic to laugh at?

            But yeah some people are just a tad pyschotic and alcoholic.
            AA might do online support. They’d be best suited to trotting along there.

            The first step is.. fupping off there.

          3. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            Calm down Anne.
            bertie is right… Broadsheet has never banned anybody.

            I’ve tested it. To the limits.
            I’m not banned.
            (Maybe because I’m NOT a miserable a55h0l3…whatever…)

            Stuff gets deleted, yeah…

            You have to respect that, and brush it off when someone calls you names.
            Stand on your own point. When you find one.

            Stick to your realm.*

            *mine is taking the piss out of self-important people. That’s what I do. That’s why I love you.

            -What do you do? I do Voodoo. I am the Master of The Realm, and my self-importance is irrelevant. Same as you basically, but better-looking.

            I wrote this long comment, for you. Anne.
            I know that you’ll never read it.

            Here’s a video you’ll never watch.

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          Johnny K….
          If you are Johnny A from BSoTV…

          You should be running this joint.
          Take no 5hit..

          I can only rock in a chair, but you rock when you stand up.

          If you are not Johnny A please ignore me.

      1. Johnny Keenan

        If I had read your post at the time Anne I probably would have. I’m to honest though, that’s my problem, tbh.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Yeah you sound like a tool.

      Of course they need to know your address in case you say something libelous or something else to get them in trouble. Eejit.

      1. Johnny Keenan

        What does a tool sound like Kieran NYC?
        I am on ‘Broadsheet on the telly’ and I have had opinions over the last 4 weeks. They never asked for my address. Should I be worried about been sued?

        You should come on the telly next Thursday for Paddy’s night exPat special?
        I’ll give up my seat for you no bother.

          1. Johnny Keenan

            Yeah I did an interview and I became a panelist. I have had a seat on the panel for the last 4 weeks. If Kieran NYC wants to air his concerns or anyone with some backbone wants to air their concerns like real people I will give up the seat that I have been given. I know my rationality and generosity knows no boundaries.

        1. rotide

          There’s a very slight difference between 28.8k modem quality google hangouts being streamed to 15 people on youtube and the most listened to show on national radio Johnny.

          Your story above while highlighting you have an issue with trust and authority has exactly zero to do with media bias.

          1. Johnny Keenan

            Rotide. I’m sorry that you can’t see the wood for the trees here. The trolls are deflecting from the real issue. I’ll let you go back and find it for yourself. If I point it out people still don’t want to see it. You have to seek the truth and only then you will be set free. Their shackles have no holdings on me.

        2. Horseman UR

          If you are indeed a poopypants
          I’d say you sound like a jackhammer
          Relentless, dull, predictable and monotonous

      2. MoyestWithExcitement

        “Yeah you sound like a tool.”

        ‘Racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, misandry, libel, abuse, bullying, incitement to hatred and hijacking the usernames of other commenters are not. In fairness.’

  7. Peter Dempsey

    So Johnny, you turned down a valuable opportunity to tear strips off those heartless bitches (nuns) on a point of principle about disclosing your address. And instead you come on here and complain about it – effectively preaching to the converted.

    I call that a missed opportunity. You had the potential to reach a wider audience (a more conservative one) and possibly change their outlook. Instead you backed off over an irrational fear of third parties getting your details.

    1. anne

      What about giving your address is a point of principle? Eh it’s not a point of’s where he lives and no one has a right to know that information if you don’t want them to.

          1. Johnny Keenan

            Sound Peter now you know my position you can ring the number above on Monday at 1 pm. Coming from my position you will be making the same points as I have outlined above. Please let me know how you get on from my position.

          1. And Social Justice For All


            You’re being given a platform to say anything you want on a medium my taxes pay for.

            You should be grateful you absolute tool rather than feeling entitled. Judging by your ignominious and mind numbing rant above it’s not like the Talk To Joe massive have been disobliged by your voluntary omission

        1. Johnny Keenan

          Why is it a condition? Is it a condition with any other radio show in this country outside of RTE?
          if Joe was to talk to a ‘celebrity’ would he ask her/him their private address? Guarantee he wouldn’t. He would be happy to take the call.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            In fairness, RTE would have the ‘celebs’ agents’ business address which would qualify. So yes, RTE would have an address for the celeb.

            Would other radio stations require this? Yes, they do for legal purposes as pointed out earlier.

            I like your two cents on the programme Johnny, but dont get bogged down on that address thing here.
            BTW, I’ve great respect for all the BS on the Telly participants, fair play to you all :)

        2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          @ Johnny K….

          I can’t believe these ‘anonymous’, eh, Participitators, for want of a better word.
          They don’t even show their face, let alone their real names.
          Their sentiments are borrowed.

          You have nothing to answer, nobody to answer to…
          …until they climb up on the same stage.

          They never will.
          They hate it, because you’re killing it..

          Rock on.*

          *I’m STILL presuming you are Johnny A. Nobody has clarified that issue with me at time of typing.If you are NOT Johnny A, etc…

          We are surrounded by people who think a bit differently or not at all. Millions of them. Most of them are lovely people. Some of them are your friends.
          Educate them… Don’t just make fun of them.

          Forwards ever, backward never.

          And I just want to say it ONE MORE TIME…

          Stop posting LONG comments.
          Nobody reads them.


          1. And Social Justice For All

            Go back to posting drunken insults to the decent, witty and interesting commenters on here mommy. Or asking anonymous online strangers for the ride. It’s more your level as opposed to the sermonising on the (dis) mount.

          2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

            Okay, thanks…

            What was your name again?

            Something I’ll never remember.

            See me… I don’t want to be famous.

            Ironic, isn’t it, bitch?

          3. Johnny Keenan

            Thanks for your positive comment. I’d like to call you by the name you post it but I can’t write it.
            I try to be positive with these people but it’s impossible, so I just call them out to a visual forum and see if they have the courage of their convictions.
            Johnny A

    2. Johnny Keenan

      Fair point Peter. I have a whole log of complaint calls to liveline ( cause that’s what liveline essentially is) and they have never let me on to air my opinion and concerns. It would be fair to say that ‘talk to joe’ won’t talk to me. This is the first time I’ve been asked to give my full address. I did not want to give it for the reasons stated above. It must be so tranquil in your ivory tower. Maybe you could give me an idea how I should take on the establishment seen as yer point of view looks so pristine as you sit on the fence in judgement of people like me who have a legitimate concern in trying to change the mindset of this pathetic country.
      Everything I do is for the greater good of this land. If you can get me into RTE or a similar platform to raise my concerns and ideas that would be gratefully appreciated. If not I would recommend you troll on.

      1. Peter Dempsey

        IMHO if you had given your address, then they would have allowed you to speak. They could easily have verified it from
        I don’t have anything to back this up – just a gut feeling.

        I don’t agree with your reasons for non-disclosure. Are you worried that the third parties would call to your residence and beat you up?

        1. Johnny Keenan

          No I just don’t trust the establishment which is propped up by the public sector. Which department do you work for?

          1. anne

            He’s always dishing it out isn’t he? you wouldn’t mind but KFC (aka Steve) is always whinging that he’s being bullied, or telling the mods what’s acceptable.

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            Yeah, he constantly whines about the quality of the comments (blamed that all on me for a while, the nutjob) and yet here he is calling someone a crank and a tool in 2 seperate posts because the guy complained about RTE. He’s another uppity peasant who should know his place so Kieran is all too happy to put him in his place.

          3. Horseman UR

            You too are the biggest bullies on here judging by this thread. Take the motes out of your own eyes.

      2. And Social Justice For All

        Lol what an absurd rant.

        Who the fupp do you think you are, Entitled of Bennettsbridge?

      3. Kenny Plank

        Could you not call Liveline to complain you’ve never been on Liveline? Alternatively, how about get a life?

        1. Johnny Keenan

          Thanks Plank. I might do that. Ring Liveline and complain about not getting on liveline. Surely they will have to let me be live on liveline. I have a life and I want to give life to people who think liveline is where it’s at. The I’ll-informed people who think liveline is some form of therapy or mass gospel. I want to brake the system from the inside out. That’s why liveline won’t let me on.
          I firmly believe that.

          1. Frilly Keane

            Ah here

            So Liveline won’t let you on because you want to break the system from the inside out……???

            N’there was me tinking t’was your Kilkenny Advant Garde intro that shook ’em

            You should podcast YouTube that Soapbox Johnny

            n’ see how you get on

    1. Shayna

      To be fair, I’ve been diagnosed as a “tad mad on it?”, it’s great to see that day-release programs allow access to the internet.

      1. Zena

        Shayna, are you psychic by any chance? I think today must be a day-release day of sorts by the looks of things here….

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          I try to take a break from broadsheet at the weekend.

          Things get a bit… weird around here.

  8. Johnny Keenan

    Ok a few sane people on here. Ye know who ye are. Respect!
    Mostly muppets and trolls though.

    The only way to move forward on any social issue is face to face interaction like broadsheet endeavour to do with ‘broadsheet on the telly’ A radio conversation allowing all opinions not just selective. And most importantly town hall meetings.
    I had a spoken word festival in Kilkenny last September called ‘Rhyme N Reason’.
    One of the events was on The Parade Kilkenny. (There’s a full address Aonghus).
    I had a soap box where I invited the public and gave them a platform to talk about anything they wanted to talk about in a public space. The idea came from Speakers Corner in Hyde Park London where I loved going to while I lived there in 1993, when I was 19 years old.
    One thing that will NEVER EVER get to the heart of a matter is threads like these where unfunny deluded egotistic faceless and nameless keyboard warriors think their relevant.
    I’ll argue with any of you on a street corner of your choice.
    The platform I gave to people in Kilkenny last September was
    ‘Talk To Joe-Soap Box’
    I had 3 takers including myself.
    Surprise! Surprise!

    1. Frilly Keane

      Here Johnny

      Calm da’jausus down

      This is the t’internet lad

      Everyone’s here
      Not just the
      Muppets Trolls and faceless deluded keyboard warriors
      And obnoxious Kilkenny loudmouths

      Feck off back ta’ with yer delusions of superiority over the rest of us

      1. Johnny Keenan

        just trying to irradiate the smug gits that seem to take carte blanche on this forum.
        I’ve read the threads over the last few weeks and very few seem to stick to the point.
        That’s why trolls are allowed break up any kind of reasonable discussion.
        It’s very infuriating to people like me who want to have a genuine conversation about the betterment of our society.
        I know everyone wants to throw a quip in to take the seriousness out of it. Some times the conversation needs to be serious.
        Anyway it’s not my preferred form of discussion. Dealing with the nameless and faceless doesn’t do it for me.
        If they had the courage of their convictions they would put themselves up for ‘Broadsheet On The Telly’. But they don’t and they won’t.

    2. And Social Justice For All

      Who would want to talk to you in public or anywhere else for that matter? You’ve already shown repeatedly in this thread alone that you’re an angry wingnut. The only reasons Broadsheet let you on their TV thing is
      A ) you want to be on it
      B) they have no one else as this site is largely irrelevant
      C) you’re an angry unhinged wingnut playing directly to their trollbait business strategy.


      You’re another hapless wingman to an amazing corporate strategy cynically exploiting the “voiceless” by making them think someone’s

      -a ) caring what they think and
      B) listening to what they have to say

      They don’t and they aren’t.

      1. Johnny Keenan

        ‘And Social Justice For All’ is some name. You should change it to ‘And Social Justice For All Apart From The Ones Who Try To Seek Social Justice For All’

        I don’t really care what Broadsheet do. I get an opportunity to air my concerns and ideas about making the country I live in better. For someone who hates the forum so much you spend far to much time here complaining to people who are trying to make positive change.
        I would say get a life but it’s far to late for you I’m afraid.
        I am very confident that you are a paid troll and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss real social political and clerical issues with you live on ‘Broadsheet on the telly’.
        If you post another without saying yes you will come on broadsheet on the telly you will be doing something positive for this country. If you don’t you will have to go back under yer troll bridge and everyone here will see the kind of naughty person you are. Tick Tock…

        1. Horseman UR

          Aren’t you sort of proving the point with this “come and get me if you think you’re hard enough” approach? As others say – why not calm the fupp down?

        2. Loan Some Cow Boy

          Did you run out of ways to ‘explain’ your point of view there Johnny and then just resort to attacking the commenter personally making fun of their user handle? That’s certainly how it looks

          1. Johnny Keenan

            LSCB my point from the top of the thread is very simple. I want people who support FF FG The mainstream media and The Catholic Church to challenge me as I challenge them.
            Then I brought in my experience of trying to get on national radio to the thread.

            The point is that the trolls also known as FF FG Mainstream Media and The Catholic Church Supporters have not come on to challenge me like real women and men.
            The real question here is why no one wants to discuss the elephant in the room which is the cover up of WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING???
            Liveline the Catholic Church FF and FG and the mainstream media are complicit in this cover up. They always collude when the shit goes down.
            I ask these poopoohawks out from their snakey shadows into the light to have a verbal interaction, so I can expose these wolves in sheeps clothing. But instead they try to discredit me as the trolls they are.
            All I’m looking for is genuine answers to stop this circle of cover up abuse in this septic isle.
            All the trolls want to do is stop that line of questioning. This is why I call them out. So we can see the faceless and nameless who are so influential in covering up scandals.

            This country is very easy to figure out if you care to do that.
            In 1937 the constitution was written by a Fianna Failer Eamonn DeValera and Archbishop of Catholic Church John Charles McQuaid. In that constitution women were written in/out as second class citizens.
            The constitution that we are meant to uphold today still gives autonomy to the CC. We have to contest it every time we want to live any kind of liberal existence. The conservative people who run the public sector and the Catholic Church are principally FF and FG followers.

            We should have a referendum on writing a new constitution. That way we wouldn’t have to deal with backward hacks every time we need to move forward.

          2. Johnny Keenan

            Go on LSCB please tell me one of my points of view that you think I have run out of. In fact please tell me what is my main point of view on this tedious thread. Go on. I guarantee you won’t see it even though it’s so obvious. I’ll be very surprised if you see it. It’s so obvious though.

          3. Horseman UR

            Hello Johnny
            I feel that you are a conspiracy theorist
            Irrespective of the relevance of your perspective or indeed the accuracy of your contention the fact is that “calling out trolls” is in itself akin to trolling and is making your argument redundant, it’s reductio ad absurdum

    3. rotide

      Won’t give the simplest of details (Kilkenny town) to an rte producer.

      Proceeds to divulge reams of personal information on a public forum attached to his name.

      You’re a hackers wet dream

      1. Johnny Keenan

        I think any respectable hacker will see where I’m coming from.
        Saddle up there Rotide. I feel you will to refuse to take me on, on a visual forum.
        Piece of poo poo!

        1. Horseman UR


          You’re a clickbait website promoters wet dream Johnny. Stay within the ditches now!

          1. Johnny Keenan

            I never heard A shower of self pleasurers get so excited about wet dreams before. I’ve never been in such a troll infested pit before either. Swings and roundabouts.

          1. Johnny Keenan

            On the level Frilly. I haven’t been on forums where quips seem to override facts so often. As an Irish citizen I’m very curious of our psyche. This is a traditional form of deflection from reality to stop people getting serious about serious issues.
            The catch phrase ‘sur I was only joking’ stopped been funny after The Ryan and Murphy report.

        2. rotide

          For one of the first times in your life, you are indeed 100% correct. I have indeed zero inclination or need to ‘take you on’.

          I’ll continue to point out your paranoia and quixotic delusions , but thats purely sport.

    1. Johnny Keenan

      No Zena. Like Bodger I like to keep contributors informed and call out the trolls.

      1. Zena

        Fair play to you Johnny. I’m only messing, you know that.

        I would say that brevity is important in getting points across to people – otherwise people zone out. Wee tip tip from the top ;-)

        1. Johnny Keenan

          I hear ya Zena.
          I just feel the ultimate point I’m making is lost here with some people. The time for challenging the establishment is well upon on us. So less cynicism and more creativeness would have me calm again.

          1. Zena

            Johnny, it’s challenging, to say the least, to be anything other than cynical after this long, dark week. To add insult to injury, Enda Kenny has turned the blame back onto the nation.
            What are the chances that the Irish people will get the investigation that they deserve and demand regarding the Tuam babies
            and children? How much transparency will there be? We know there’ll be untold cover-ups, lies, more “missing” files and not one person will pay for this.

            The level of corruption in this country is on par with places like Nigeria. First world country my bottom. It’s a draconian hole.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Don’t put words like ‘like’ and ‘sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq’ in the same sentence.

      I don’t allude to the fact that you never leave your bedroom, do I?
      – A bit of respect, please…

  9. Zena

    Lol, think he’s over-taken him – Johnny is king of BS, that leaves you as the little prince, Clampers.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Will you please stop putting ‘áccents’ over your letters?
      Thank you.

      I’ve been scrubbing my screen with a Brillo-Pad for almost 7hrs.

      It’s not right.

      1. Frilly Keane

        don’t be looking at me BamMan
        I put a fada on me u in f uck
        but Johnny Preposterous swaps it out for f upp

  10. esǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I might have fallen asleep in the middle, but that seemed like a very long Mass. What time is it?

  11. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    But I swear…
    If there’s ever a competition about Sunshine, or stuff like that, and Lord Help Us, there probably will be…, It’s March already.

    Just stop.
    This is de winna…

    The song I’m thinking of is actually called ‘Sunrise’.

    I might be drunk. I might have posted it earlier.
    You might end up hearing it twice, you lucky, lucky B.

    Oh yeah… it sounds like this;

  12. Loan Some Cow Boy

    Sorry Johnny I seem to have been censored or something

    Anyway I can’t really relate to your points above

    I just pointed out to you that you are making a bit of a meal of it.

    1. Johnny Keenan

      Right LSCB what I’m ultimately making a meal about is where does all the money in the Catholic Church go? If that’s to much of a meal for ya then I would suggest you are part of the problem and not the solution.

  13. Frilly Keane

    Johnny KK is the Tommy Walsh of The BS.TV panel
    No doubt about it lads

    By branding those of us, who have been here years btw, FG FF Catholic Church supporters and main stream media lackies, is the internet equivalent to the mad lunatic swinging of a Kilkenny held Hurley.

    The likes of Johnny KK don’t give a rhymes with muck who they flake with the sting of a mad man’s stick

    It’s also profound ignorance of the contributions and battles hosted here over the last 5 years. Did Johnny KK only hear of Broadsheet when they were looking for heads to go on the telly, and he wet himself at the prospect.

    Although I really don’t care what your answer is Johnny.
    Get a nine t’five and see how available you are for BS.TV
    Advant Garde my rhymes with coal
    You’re a filthy hurler Johnny

    And don’t you EVER suggest again that I treat any abuse of women and children with an ‘ara tis only …’ and an t’internet shrug.

    Or you’ll end up with the same outcome DJ has against Cork
    And you’ll end up in the same state annuder Kilkenny Johnny hardman – The Red Lad Power, was in ’99.

    Bawling Crying and Wimpering
    So was DJ

    1. Johnny Keenan

      Don’t worry Frilly. I’m saving something special for you tonight.
      I prefer to do most of my talking where I can be seen.

  14. Clampers Outside!

    Where did the ‘paid troll’ of Broadsheet conspiracy come from…. Nigel? Did you start that :) I’ve seen more accusations of ‘you’re a paid troll’ the last few weeks than I’ve seen the last couple of years.

    Broadsheet makes f’all money folks. Nobody is retiring on the BS ad revenue… or is paying ‘trolls’ ffs.

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