Junk Mail And Free Newspapers


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Prefacing his words with the admission that this is a ‘first world rant’, Graeme Kelly writes:

Have an ‘obvious’ sign on my letterbox. If only my car’s clutch wasn’t broken and I needed fast Sky broadband to order a Taxi to Londis, Homestore and Home/Supervalue for a bit of shopping and maybe a Brazilian or Hollywood Wax with a Domino’s pizza afterwards while I studied for my Leaving Cert (again). Or straight in the Green bin (destination China).

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19 thoughts on “Junk Mail And Free Newspapers

  1. Scundered

    You now have earned the right to go outside and ram those leaflets up the poster’s a**e.

  2. Starina

    during the last election i taped all of the political leaflets to the front door with a sign that said “PLEASE STOP”. in retrospect that might have been a little bit lunatic.

  3. TalkToJoe

    The problem here is the people shoving these into your letterbox get paid per leaflet, no sign is going to stop them from just scraping on by on minimum wage.

  4. Paps

    Lol at expecting the sign to do anything. Get rid of the letterbox and get one of the An-Post Locked Box thingeys

  5. scottser

    i heard tell of folks down the country who signed up to as much junk mail as they could in order to keep a postal service in the area. they then recycled all the junk mail into paper logs.
    i have no specific details of course, but a good idea nonetheless

  6. ivan

    I suppose you could get a supply of cheap envelopes and stuff fliers into envelopes and send them (unstamped but thru the post) back to the folk who have the leaflets dropped in the first place?

    it mightn’t solve anything but OP might feel better…

  7. edalicious

    There must be some way you can report people putting unwanted junk mail through your letterbox. I just moved into a new place and we’re getting so much junk in our postbox that there often isn’t enough space for the postman to put the real mail into it.

  8. phil

    I have that sign up too. The postman delivers some of them junk leaflets , I asked him to stop and he said NO. I asked a political party to stop , they said I would have to write to party head quarters. I doubt that would help. What really annoys me is the newspaper junk, they stick those half way in , and when I get home from work the house if freezing cold or some water damage … Seems nothing can be done.

  9. Tucker Done

    The people/companies sending this material don’t consider it junk mail so you might want to be more specific in the message on your sign. There are no free newspapers in your picture so maybe that bit is working.

  10. Goo-ter

    I used to deliver these leaflets as a Summer job…people with those signs on their letterbox got a double helping of leaflets…..just to show them what they would miss out on!……hehehehe….

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