21 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. Brothers Barnabas

    Glad to hear that Enda won’t be apologising. Plan is to stand his ground, look Donald square in the eye, give his dorky chuckle, attempt a playful shoulder punch and then adopt a subservient little posture so Donald knows exactly what he’s dealing with.

  2. Malta

    So, some Tories tried to break an election promise but other Tories wouldn’t let them because it was an election promise?

    Do Irish politicians not break election promises all the time?

    1. classter

      Tbf they are breaking or have broken several other Tory election manifesto promises.

      The difference is that this particular broken promise has an impact on specific Tory interest groups and was an easy topic for their tabloid press – the Mail, the Sun etc. – to make a big deal about. May has already shown herself to extremely keen to keep them on board.

      Also, Hammond was (and I think essentially still is) a strong Remainer. The Brexit-supporting press have been looking for a chance to humble him for a while. One which doesn’t indicate that Brexit is a foolish mistake.

      So in truth, this has next to nothing to do with broken manifesto commitments.

  3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    The Tories can’t even get their budget right, but somehow they are going to make a success of Brexit, a far more complex challenge. It is a train wreck in slow motion.

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