Smells Like Warm Plastic



This afternoon.

Poolbeg, Dublin 4

Corlos The Complainer writes:

Looks like the new incinerator [developed by US waste firm Covanta] is operational. Plumes of smoke rising from it all day.

Also there’s been a sickly smell of warm plastic wafting in off the sea since the morning. Coincidence?


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12 thoughts on “Smells Like Warm Plastic

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Mind you dere used to be a smell o’ shiiite waiting over the same place, and not much complaining about it ;-)

  1. Common Projekts

    Got the same whiff. Hopefully just teething problems. Otherwise looking forward to the blend of rubber and sewage from the other place wafting in. Mmm, Dublin.

  2. Mr. Camomile T

    We’ve had an easterly wind for the past few days, so any emissions from the incinerator would blow back in over Dublin city. I would have expected that operations at the incinerator would be suspended during such wind conditions but I guess that’s not the case.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      I would agree with you, Camomile, that good practice should ensure that notice is taken of prevailing wind conditions. However, I’ve become so impatient over the faffing about concerning incinerators. The Danes (who are not famous for irresponsibility) having been running municipal incinerators – with district heating schemes – for over forty years. Closer to home, Glasgow for example have run municipal incinerators since I was a child (I.e.a LONG time). What is it about us that we constantly prate about how “clean and green” we are, whilst polluting land, water tables and rivers with the run off of crap we are too idle to burn?

      1. Sam

        Worth remembering when comparing any of these facilities to counterparts in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, is that over there, regulations tend to be enforced and emission controls tend to be much higher.
        See the situation in Limerick where the cement factory wants to start burning industrial waste and tyres.
        They said “the Germans have been doing the same for 40 years”, but an EU report showed that filter shut downs in Irish cement factories are more than 20 times the rate of German ones.

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Agreed, Sam. The one draw back would be our authorities’ inability to effectively regulate anything other than us.

  3. B Bop

    Still cannot believe it just went up, yet the thousands who went mental over water charges.
    There was a very strange haze over the whole bay 2 weeks ago-never seen that type before.
    Truly is disgraceful if this despicable incinerator isn’t 100% clean.
    Then again we get the ferocious Owen Keegan ruling like a crazed despot over ridiculous traffic speeds, tonnes of unnecessary traffic lights, the absolute mess that is the Blackrock “By Pass” etc etc.

  4. Mourinho

    That smell will knock a few pound off the price of property in the Docklands.

    If you can smell it in Ballsbridge then something will be done to stop it.

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