George Michael On Freedom


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A new animated interview from the PBS Blank On Blank series.

Joe Smith recalls a meeting with George Michael in 1986.

To wit:

George Michael was 23 when he sat for this interview, which has never been broadcast before. He had just embarked on his solo career after leaving Wham!. During the conversation, George Michael talks about his sexuality and shedding his pop-ballad persona á la Careless Whisper. He sounds confident in striking out on his own and sees a clear path to super stardom, but he openly talks about the fear that lurks within that fame might be his demise. He reflects on the power of his fame, as he recalls the historic trip Wham! took to play in communist-China in 1985.


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8 thoughts on “George Michael On Freedom

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    No doubt I’ll be torn asunder by the usual yakballs on here for saying this but I think George’s death hit me harder than Bowie’s, maybe because it was Christmas Day or the fact that he was much younger.
    I look forward to listening to this interview later.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      I was really, really sorry to hear of his untimely death. A singer of REAL talent ; a self deprecating, humourous guy ; a kind and very decent human being. Who would not regard his passing as a loss to us all?

    2. Ratatattat

      I think the unusual thing about George was that he seemed completely unaffected by fame. There’s a great interview of him by Paxman I think it is where he’s ripping the poo out of Tony Blair and TWAT

    3. scottser

      bowie’s death was expected, and as such he turned it into a statement – just like everything he did. by expressing his passing through his music he owned it and therefore controlled it. a remarkable achievement by a remarkable individual. michael’s death was a shock, and an unresolved death will always throw up more questions than answers. sonehow, i think that he’d rather you raise a glass and party down than feel sad for his passing, bertie. slap on a few of your fave GM tunes and give it socks later – you’ll feel much better celebrating his life than reflecting on his death.

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