Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT



Staying in tonight?

Broadsheet on the Telly transmits LIVE above and on our YoutTube channel at 11.45.

Join our panel for a brew and a chat about Irish Water, The Irish Times and whatever you might be having yourself (please leave suggestions below).

On April 20, we will be hosting a ‘Reefer Madness Special’ on recent efforts to legalise the ‘erb in Ireland. If you would like to take part in this or future shows please send short bio to marked ‘Broadsheet on the Telly’.

All welcome.

14 thoughts on “Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT

  1. bisted

    …is next week not 13th…or are you observing the holiday? I had a suggestion for 13th…going into good friday…

  2. mildred st. meadowlark

    Can we discuss the fact that Clamps is upping sticks to sunny Waterford?

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