Free Radio Dubland



Dublin Digital Radio keep pumping out the good stuff, the perfect antidote to boredom and the prescribed spontaneity of daytime radio.

This week is absolutely no different, with new shows announced by the week at this point. DDR’s Cormac writes:

It’s been busy here at DDR towers with new shows coming left, right and centre. Last weekend we were chuffed to host production, CDJ and turntable workshops along with our good pals at Gash Collective.

Some new shows we are now lucky to announce include “Vital Signs” hosted by Neil O’Connor of Somadrone & Cian Murphy of I Am the Cosmos. Irish music hero New Jackson started his monthly show last Tuesday, catch his new record coming out on All City Records April 30th too!

As for something a bit different, last week we had the start of The Recommendation Game, a weekly show where two film lovers take turns to recommend a film the other has not seen, they watch and then meet to discuss it. Spoilers are a given.

The Repeater crew had a great guest mix of all original material from upcoming label PatrĂºin, keep an eye out as it’s hot!

This weekend we have a new show from Dublin based D, who probably most know as DJ Deece, with Deece Is the Word, and then on Sunday, Greg & Russell from This Greedy Pig are back with their show “Move Slow.”

Get to know. Get listening.