16 thoughts on “Sign Of The Times

  1. Ronan

    Hate to be pedantic but that’s not a 20 foot billboard. It might be 20 feet from base to top but if it was smaller you’d be giving out about the road clearance or views for cyclists/pedestrians/drivers. When you say 20 foot billboard you’re trying conjour outrage at a 20 foot wide ad spoiling beautiful Dublin 4. Except based on the picture it’s probably less than half that width.

  2. Mysterybeat

    Yeah, and all we got in exchange was a transport revolution in the city.
    Of course there were far fewer objections when they went up in less leafy areas of the city.

    1. TheCitizen

      That’s a fupping hazard. One at the bleeding horse is at a crossing and completely blocks the view of any traffic coming. Whatever about the rights and wrongs of the deal, DCC seem to love littering the streets with metal.

  3. Turgenev

    I thought JCDecaux had stopped having anything to do with DublinBikes? Doesn’t that end the billboards contract?

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