40 People, One Street



On Jervis Street, Dublin 1, last night

Last night.

From Jervis Street, Dublin 1.

At around 10pm.

Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Homelessness, released the following statement:

We have over 40 people bedded down at present here and it is still very early. This situation has been at peak level for a number of nights but this is the worst I have ever seen it. Homelessness, homeless services are in turmoil.”

“Our coordinator has diverted outreach support teams from other locations to deal with the influx in this particular area and our resources are being severely drained. At present, a 27% increase in presentations across the city is what we are dealing with. Our committed and dedicated volunteers are trying to make everyone as comfortable as possible. We need accommodation and urgently.”

This has been ongoing for five nights now with no Government or State-funded body intervention. A meeting will be held at 9am in order to try and alleviate the problem to some extent, but unfortunately enough is just not being done. We are doing our best in a voluntary capacity.”

I am calling on the Minister tonight to come and look at this and tell me to my face that Government are doing all they can. This is just unacceptable. The homeless tsunami has hit us and this is like something from I’ve never encountered before.”

Inner City Helping Homelessness (Facebook)

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48 thoughts on “40 People, One Street

        1. This monkey's gone to heaven

          Hateful, boring troll. Your comments on this are just the worst. So one-dimensional.

          1. realPolithicks

            Says the person who comments “At least it was a grand evening for it” on an item about 40 homeless people sleeping in the street.

          2. This monkey's gone to heaven

            Unlike the above unmentionable poster would you believe I sometimes offer other and varying shades of opinion from time to time on various topics? According to the poster below most of the people sleeping on the Jervis St are gypsies. If that is true, who are we to criticise their lifestyle choice? Better to wish them well and hope the weather remains inclement, musha god help them.

      1. This monkey's gone to heaven

        That’s a horrible comment. Not that I am obliged to explain myself to an obvious troll but if you have to camp out on the streets at least it’s best if it’s not raining or too cold. Maybe you’d rather that the homeless in Jervis ST were being exposed to all the elements so you can dial up the pity-ometer?

        1. dav

          “dial up the pity-ometer?”… yes that is what the homeless issue is to the likes of you –
          just lefties creating pity of an issue that would be best swept under the carpet.
          Not a symbol of the abject failure of this and previous irish governments to support the weakest and most vulnerable of irish society.
          They’ll fight tooth and nail to give apple €13billion or sweetheart deals for redacted and vulture funds, but are incapable in even trying to fix a crisis among it’s citizens.
          How dare you even have the neck to defend your horrible, sociopathic comment.

          1. This monkey's gone to heaven

            Yeah and I mean imagine the *AUDACITY* of someone to come on here and yell BLUSHIRTS BLUSHIRTS BULDUSHIRTSBLUEUUUEUEUBLLLBEUEUEUEU at all and sundry until the cows come home. I’m really going to listen to a sermon from some troll who acts like that.

          2. This monkey's gone to heaven

            In fairness dav you ARE way funnier when you use one of the other three or four words in your vocabulary

  1. Diddy

    Send enda kenny down to do some handwringing. Then return to Leinster house and hope “the market” solves our housing problem.. C’mon market solve our housing problem . Please?

  2. MoyestWithExcitement

    I’m sure all our friends who’ve been complaining about how we should be helping these people before any refugees will be along any minute to lament this shameful situation we have allowed to develop and to inform us how they’re helping.

    1. Compassion Cash

      You are a total twit. You really have no compassion for anyone , you just use these issues to bully and intimidate others. You should be ashamed of yourself and so should Broadsheet for letting you on this site. This place has gone to the dogs.

          1. This monkey's gone to heaven

            Don’t know what you mean Moyest.

            I note there’s a lot of lads have it in for ya though for some reason.

        1. monekeybusiness

          you are rattattat , enter social justice, no more nice guy . you haven’t called yourself the village idiot yet but soon to happen

          1. Compassion Cash

            Moyest/Monkey , whatever you talk to yourself as….. . Get a life. Second rate troll.

          2. This monkey's gone to heaven

            I’m not moyest or any of these other people you mention.

            You’re the jusayinlike troll are you? You were banned with that one?

            Do you hear these voices in your head often?

      1. This monkey's gone to heaven

        Here’s my effort – what ya think?

        There was a load of lads out on the streets
        sleeping rough, dirty and fupp all to eat
        Lord Cove said: would yous all ever come in?
        Yous are making a desperate din
        Leo, it’s affectin me chances to beat

  3. Murtles

    Pfft Coveney is more interested in still trying to line the coffers of Irish Water at the expense of the taxpayer rather than trying to solve homelessness. If he ever does attempt to look at what the crisis is the solution will be to form a committee to draft a report on the possibility of getting a group of consultants to looks at the matter and draw up a report to give to the first committee.

    1. dav

      it’s all he knows, might as well blame a wasp for stinging as to blame a blushirt for hating the poor

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Eamonn, “everything is for the best, in this best of all possible worlds”. Or so our Masters would have us believe.

  4. Rob_G

    Is there a lack of 40 beds in emergency accomodation? If so, this is a disgrace, and needs to be addressed.

    If not, I’m not sure what the homeless services can be reasonably-expected to do, short of driving around in a paddywagon and forcibly detaining every rough sleeper each night.

  5. Fitzitagain

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the homeless tent city camping outside the Dail the last few nights as well.

  6. ElPsyKongaroo

    I go past that group on Henry Street on the way to work every morning. They’re all one extended family of Roma who’ve decided to setup a shanty town.

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