A Second Man




Further to the renewed appeal for missing Trevor Deely following enhanced VHS images of cctv footage showing a man speaking to Trevor outside his workplace shortly before he vanished.

Dave writes:

I just wanted to share a video I put together of Trevor Deely’s timeline from the night he went missing.

I have highlighted the fact that it took him 42 seconds to walk from the first gate he passes to the second gate that he passes. The distance between the two gates is approximately 20 feet.

I have also included a still (top) showing another man waiting with the first man outside Trevor’s work one minute after Trevor enters the building.

I think the second person waiting outside really is a significant development that I don’t think has been picked up before.

It’s actually from the Donal MacIyntyre documentary [TV3’s Unsolved: The Disappearance of Trevor Deely], but MacIntyre actually incorrectly states it’s Trevor, we can see from the timestamp that it’s not.

I have also highlighted the fact that Trevor took 11 minutes to walk from the first CCTV camera to the second time he is seen on CCTV, by Google maps it would suggest a stroll of a mere 6 minutes.

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Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 11.24.20

A still from Donal MacIntyre’s TV3 documentary about Trevor Deely’s disappearance

Sheila adds:

Further to your post about the Trevor Deely footage. In the CCTV video footage released by the Gardaí last week – showing Trevor enter and later exit that bank gate – Trevor’s shoulder doesn’t edge in front of the view of the redbrick pillar as he entered (see here, from 3.06).

But the still used in MacIntyre’s documentary, above, clearly shows the person on the left edging in front of the view of the pillar (see here, at 21.54) as a man stands on his right.

Confusingly, as Mr MacIntyre’s documentary showed the still, Mr MacIntyre, in a voiceover, says: “As Trevor left the building he was seen again on the camera which had captured him on the way in.”

So it’s not clear if this was supposed to be a still of Trevor entering or exiting the gate.

Either way, the Garda CCTV footage does show Trevor edge in front of the pillar when he leaves the building (see here, at 2.04) but there is no man on his right, at this point.

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27 thoughts on “A Second Man

    1. Birneybau2

      Well done bland Bertie, must get the chuckles, even if it’s in reference to an investigation of a man missing 17 years.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    It would be great to see that evidence lead somewhere. But motive is still a huge missing piece in this case.

  2. AlisonT

    Interesting alright – was it confirmed that the camera times were all accurate. Many would have been manually set at the time so a four or five min deviation would be quite normal.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      Good point.

      Also, is it all that significant? 11 minutes to walk a distance that normally takes 6 minutes isn’t all that extraordinary – especially after a Christmas party etc.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        I think in a case like this, any detail could be the difference. I’m sure we’ve all experienced a night where the walk home takes twice as long, but they can’t discount that if it means they are able to get some answers.

  3. Brother Barnabas

    Even with this new information, I doubt we’ll find out what actually happened. Can probably make assumptions, though. And surely that just makes it worse for the family (theory before being that he may have slipped into the canal – now looks like there was foul play). Desperately sad either way.

  4. Owen

    Showing my limited actual knowledge on the topic (relying entirely on TV shows), but can you trace a phone call if you don’t know who it was to or from, but know where it was made? How many mobile phone calls would have been made form that area on that night at 3:30am?

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      They can triangulate depending on masts. Can they? I have a half-remembered knowledge (obv) from listening to the Serial podcast.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Yes. That’s how they nabbed Joe O’Reilly. I would assume they have done that for this case also.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            No, only four between incidents. But while the technology was there, they may not have had permission to use them in a criminal case until 2007, when O’Reilly went on trial.

        1. Harry Molloy

          And I think o’reillys was the first time it was used, some 5 years later. Doubt they’d have that data available anymore.

          Horrible not knowing.

  5. John O'Neill

    Time stamps may not be aligned but the guy at first gate in cctv leaves 16 seconds after Trevor but appears at the second gate 18 seconds before him. He also appears from out near the edge of the kerb (where Trevor was also walking). If the time stamps are aligned, the guy actually covered the distance in 7-8 seconds, which looks plausible, but does mean that in the space between what the two cameras cover, Trevor stops for maybe 30 seconds.
    If the time stamps aren’t aligned, Trevor walked straight from one to the other and it’s a different guy at each gate.
    In the later cctv footage that shows a guy an umbrella, his shape/shadow looks like he does a half turn or glances behind (at 04:14:28) but if you follow the time stamp the other guy on that footage is 30 seconds behind him, which is maybe 50 m at normal walking speed. Given the weather it isn’t 100% that guy with umbrella was Trevor or second guy was one of those in gate footage.
    Sadly, the best that can be said is that at least two guys at the office gates doubles the chances one might remember something.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      hi john, what would be the significance of the man appearing from the edge/outside the kerb? thanks

      1. John O'Neill

        He appears from the exact line that Trevor was walking along, so the guy must have moved out of his way. Or he may have been talking to Trevor then moved. I’d have thought Gardaí checked time on the cctv two cameras and so we are really talking about Trevor and 1 or 2 more likely guys between the two gates for 30 seconds. At least it’s double the chances of jogging someone’s memory.

  6. Kieran Nice Young Chap

    Would want to be very careful of letting anonymous people put amateur speculation about a real crime online, in fairness.

  7. Astonishing Sod

    Here’s everything I’ve put together about the Trevor Deely case (it’s a long read):

    The appearance of a 2nd man at 3:37:36 supports the assault/abduction theories. I had thought that there were two different men in the clips: one with a peaked cap and one with a hoodie. It looks like the 3:37 still might bring them together. Assuming there was a co-ordinated effort, it would not surprise me if one man (probably the one TD saw and spoke to; peaked cap) walked across to the far side of the canal while the other (hoodie) headed left and waited further down Wilton Terrace.

    What I still don’t understand is: where’s the rest of the footage from BIAM, showing a second man arriving and both men leaving? How is it that footage is still being released in dribs and drabs? We haven’t been told where the BIAM footage was all those years – and it was never *that* grainy – see the Donal MacIntyre doc. Enhancement is all well and good, but the “man at the gate” was never part of the story until the documentary in 2015. Why not? I dunno.

    1. Kate28

      Is it possible in the last year or so the Gardai know more about what happened to TD? I guess they have their reasons for not releasing the full footage. Regarding the abduction/attack theory: Wilton Terrace seems like the more obvious place to abduct or attack someone. It’s quiet, non-residential, and sheltered by trees. Whereas Haddington Road is residential, cars up and down, pedestrians around, etc. There was one small part of Haddington Road (Percy Place) where there was access to the canal. Apartments and a restaurant now fill that small part.

  8. joe

    those two blokes look pretty shifty alright, but wasn’t around the corner a notorious dogging place, lots of prostitutes n that. could he be a pimp or something looking for punters?

    Did they search the dodder? looks like he might cross that on his way home..

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