Behind The Red Poles



Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2

Lipstick of the giants?

Boys, Boys Boys writes:

We made this promotional video about the mysterious red poles in Grand Canal Square, Dublin. We submitted it to the Dublin tourism board but they have been unresponsive. Perhaps your subscribers would care to learn more about these strange objects…and the effect they have upon us…

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15 thoughts on “Behind The Red Poles

  1. Hank

    I’d like to apply for a refund of the 1 minute, 44 seconds of my life that I spent watching this..

  2. dhaughton99

    Hope you can get a refund from ShutterStock.

    BTW, Who is ‘We’? Have you a mouse in your pocket?

  3. dav

    my theory is very simple, cocaine.
    Think of it, mid naughties Ireland – property developers at the height of their greed and all off their boxes on coke, that is what leads to the soulless mess the grand canal dock is..

  4. Talismania!

    Clearly, they’re symbolic of the 40′ poles which lepers had to maintain their distance from others when they were walking up Lazar’s Hill/Misery Hill. But that wouldn’t make a very entertaining video.

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