Milky, Milky Night


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The first segment of a flight from Zurich to São Paolo filmed in timelapse from the cockpit of an airliner by Swiss Air pilot Sales Wick. Sez he:

Just as the bright city lights are vanishing behind us, the Milky Way starts to become clearly visible up ahead. Its now us, pacing at almost the speed of sound along the invisible highway and the pitch-black night sky above this surreal landscape. Ahead of us are another eight hours flight time, but we already stopped counting the shooting stars. And we got already to a few hundred.


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3 thoughts on “Milky, Milky Night

  1. mauriac

    wow… beautiful.
    reminds us there are 100 thousand million stars in the Milky Way alone and that there are millions upon millions of other galaxies.

  2. rotide

    This is great. Kinda want to watch the rest of it now, although I assume part 2 will be a lot of atlantic ocean :)

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