‘We Owe It To Make Sure That Justice Is Done’


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This afternoon.

During Leaders’ Questions which were being received by Fine Gael’s Richard Bruton.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin raised the case of Shane O’Farrell who was killed in a hit-and-run in Carrickmacross in Co. Monaghan by Zigimantus Gridziuska, from Lithuania, on August 2, 2011.

Mr Martin said:

It’s clear the family were misled by the gardaí about facts of their son’s death. The courts were misled by both gardaí and others. The courts were not informed of relevant information when judges asked questions, pertaining to the accused. Fundamentally, minister, I put it to you that offences concerning violent deaths should not go unpunished.”

“I think we owe it, collectively, and I know others in the house have met with Lucia O’Farrell and the O’Farrell family. We owe it to make sure that justice is done. And the most effective way, at this stage, in our view, is that an inquiry should be established. To inquire into all aspects of this case. So that we can learn lessons and justice can be delivered for the O’Farrell family. And that the dysfunctionality within our justice system, that are highlighted by the case, can be put to right. I would ask you, minister, if the Government has given consideration to this. I know the Tánaiste and the Taoiseach has indeed met with the O’Farrell family. But I think it’s time for action now.”

During his response, Mr Bruton said:

The Government, to my knowledge, it has not come to Cabinet, to consider this specific circumstances of this case. As I understand it, under legislation, it would be in the first instance for the Minister for Justice to propose issues in relation to the suggestion you’re making of a public inquiry. I cannot, if you like, shed light on whether there is a case or not for such a public inquiry because I don’t have access to sufficient facts and detail. It is, perhaps, an issue that can be raised with the Minister for Justice but I will certainly convey the concern of the deputy to the minister.

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9 thoughts on “‘We Owe It To Make Sure That Justice Is Done’

  1. Jake38

    It would be fascinating just for once to hear what proportion of serious crimes each year are committed by thugs out on bail/suspended sentences/early release rather than have another enquiry just to embarrass some politician. Then we might really get a picture of the true shambles that is the Irish criminal justice “system”.

    1. Yep

      We can’t get legitimate stats on what should really be considered innocuous operational procedures. Cases like this, where a clear wrong has been committed, highlight the inefficient and ineffectual justice system.

      Shane’s family should be thanked for their relentlessness in this. Couldn’t have been easy.

  2. Blonto

    A quick google and 5 minutes reading will give you sufficient facts….enough to see that its yet another case where the guards stink, a young man was killed, a family destroyed and justice is not applied.
    An inquiry!!!!! The members of the force involved in this have a case to answer in court. Not some closed off room in Leinster House and some mealy mouthed report, costing millions and promising certain reforms, but delivering nothing. But who is going to investigate a guard? Oops. Bit of an oversight in the system there.
    The gardai and politicians are failing in their duty to serve and protect the people. Simple. Shameful. Disgraceful.
    And this is just one of many, many cases.
    And as for Fianna Fail jumping up and down on this. Put them in government and watch them do nothing about this case, Mary Boyle, Father Molloy and the rest.

  3. Goosey Lucy

    I am sick to the teeth of enquiries- I’m actually looking at FBI director Comey being interviewed at Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and I’m “hearing” the same old ambiguous nonsense speak – I can’t recall, i cannot say in this setting, I am not aware, I would not believe so, that may not be the case etc etc
    It’s a riot- CNN is like a comedy channel

    1. Goosey Lucy

      A good old proper criminal case needs to be instigated in so many cases.
      But, you know, tv licence evaders are a better use of our courts

  4. kid jensen

    I remember a case I covered where a motorcyclist was killed and the case was actually struck out over a delay in the summons. the driver wasn’t even charged with dangerous driving just careless. A good old sweep under the carpet.

  5. Black & White

    I’ve read about this case and I’m wondering if people are suggesting the cops didn’t do their job because they couldn’t be arsed or is it because they were protecting the Lithuanian man for some reason ?

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