Not Going Away



This afternoon.

Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Vera Twomey and supporters on a a 24-hour sit-in to highlight the lack of availability of medicinal cannabis.

Last month, Ms Twomey walked from Cork to the Dáil, to highlight her daughter Ava’s need for THC-based cannabis oil to battle seizures.

Two weeks ago, she was stopped at Dublin Airport with oil purchased with a prescription in Spain for Ava, who lives with a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome and suffers multiple seizures a day.

Minister for Health Simon Harris has asked a panel of doctors to draw up guidelines on how medicinal cannabis can be prescribed in Ireland.

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Top pic: ‘Our’ Aaron; Second Pic: Nial Neligan//Fweed, third pic: Rollingnews


Vera Twomey removed from Leinster House sit-down protest (RTÉ)

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17 thoughts on “Not Going Away

  1. bisted

    …didn’t Charlie Haughey already pave the way with his condom legislation…

  2. realPolithicks

    Good luck to her, I hope her continued actions will result in a speeded up resolution on this issue.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      The entire Dail is being falsely imprisoned there. Arrest em, charge em, put them on show (trial) as a warning to the rest of the uppity proles.

  3. Junkface

    We must have one of the most conservative Governments in Europe. It’s ridiculous, they should show some compassion and legalize medical marijuana for sick children who really need it. I wouldn’t hold my breath though, Irish politicians are completely spineless, career wafflers.

  4. Increasing Displacement

    This poor girl has one life to live and they block her happiness and health and rights for what?

    Surely this is a human rights issue?

    For what reason is medical (or otherwise marijuana) illegal?

    1. KM

      FG don’t want to be the gov that brought in medicinal cannabis. It would look like they were soft on drugs – this is the party of law and order after all. Can’t have the older folks thinking they are going soft, even though medicinal cannabis would help with degenerative disorders

  5. Devine

    Is it the Minister or is it the conservative civil servants in the Department of Health holding this up? I suspect it is the Civil Servants aided and abetted by morons in the HSE that are road blocking Vera’s access to Medicinal Cannabis.

  6. Rugbyfan

    meanwhile they are voting inside on a fupping prayer being said before work


  7. Micheal

    A child has already been given access to same treatment.
    Needs consultant sign off.
    Minister can’t write a prescription.
    And no one is prevented from leaving the Dail

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