It’s Not A Caption Competition



Until you say so…

Spotted on Sunday evening.

President Michael D Higgins chats to man with a bird on his shoulder while walking The Prom in Salthill, Co Galway.

Taken by Noel McDonagh

Thanks Homelessness In Galway

23 thoughts on “It’s Not A Caption Competition

  1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

    Higgins: ” How long have you had that thing?”
    Bird: ” Well it started as a boil on me arse….”

  2. Nigel

    – But is a bird on the shoulder worth two in the hand?
    – Well, I –
    – Or a fluttering flock in the finely trimmed bush of your beard?
    – Um.
    – Oh the yellow splendour of your avian ally!
    – Ok.
    – Would that we all had feathered consciences to twitter in our lonely ears of good and evil and the freedom of the skies!
    – I just came out for some ice cream.

  3. scottser

    ‘when they said “bring the oul budgie smugglers” i presumed you meant it literally..’

  4. Kieran Nice Young Chap

    We really lucked out with Michael D back in 2011. Remember we could have ended up with proto-Trump.

  5. Casey

    Look at his body language in talking to one of the people. Relaxed and open. Dammit, I love the wee scamp

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