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Broadsheet on the Telly returns tonight streaming LIVE (above) at 11.45 and on our YouTube channel.

Everyone welcome.

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199 thoughts on “Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT

  1. know man is an island

    All the usual 5 people won’t be tuning into it tonight in protest?

      1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

        Is there anybody going to listen to my story,
        All about the girl who came to stay?

  2. sOCK pUPPET

    Will you be making another pathetic excuse for an apology in this medium too?

    1. Frilly Keane

      join me in the live chat there
      and we’ll see what you’re like with the lights out

      1. bad at large

        Me ‘n’ you Frillx.
        (SORRY for losing the plot last week, or was it the week before?)

        I am in work tonight.
        now. Im a bit drunk, but not an awful lot. Too much probably.
        subsequently I shall appear to be as shober ash I can poshibly be.
        or be come.
        My bosses telephone number is 08988 736 672 94465 128.
        You should report me.
        (Calls cost €3.72 per second. Calls from mobile phones might be charged at a higher rate. Are you sure? Go on then ye bollix.)

        $eriously, not you Frillxxx, I dont want you to stop thinking there isnt a chance for the two of us.

        See ya later, sexybrains.

          1. bad at large

            Waste o’ money…
            I prefer you in the nip.

            We could’a bought a bottle of vodka in Tesco’s for that sorta money, and then shared it between us.

  3. bad at large

    I predict a calm, informed yet opinionated discussion tonight, as always.
    (And, if we’re lucky, some JOHNNY K too. Who needs calm?)

    If we get bogged down in why it was WRONG to remove that link yesterday I will misbehave for a whole week.
    I promise.

    I used to be terrible. I can be terrible again.
    I’m like Mario on Mushrooms AND an Invincibility Star that is invincible when I get started.
    UNSTOPPABLE, unfortunately. Tough.

  4. bad at large

    It’s raining… lovely, lovely rain.
    I love the rain.
    I love the sound of it… I love the smell of it…

    I love the rain.

    When is this fupping thing goin’ to bleedin’ start?
    I did 3 Es at about 10 o clocck…
    whY is the ketboourd going alll melty ?…ĺ♥●{◇♡☆

  5. Louis.lefronde

    News sites make tough calls. What the cops did was appalling and for the family it’s a tragedy. Find me a news agency that got it right on every occasion, but none exist. In this occasion there’s no point shooting the messenger, really one should focus on what the cops did and not on Broadsheet.

      1. Louis.lefronde

        Ha Frilly, it happens.

        I’m not impressed with the people who jumped ship on Broadsheet, seems a bit fickle given the very good work that has been done on the site over the years.

        1. anne

          c’est la plus uno louis.. exactamondo mon amie as Dell Boy would say.

          The whinebags will be back.

          1. Frilly Keane

            the only loss asaic is Mickie Fla

            and sur Batty did a lovely cartoon a while back

          2. anne

            Louis is right. Look at all the work broadsheet have done in highlighting the lack of services for mental health. Dara’s blogs were posted here for fupp sakes.

            Drama queens, on their high horse.

            If people want to jump ship because they feel like a wrong decision was made, they were going to jump ship anyway. Now they have an excuse.

            Mick’s cartoons were few and far between anyway. He was clearly looking for an out.. because you don’t leave over this. Or maybe you do, you’re so perfect.

            And what whingebag was telling John to not talk about it and explain his intent? Tell me how to wipe my fupping hole b*tch.. seriously, there’s something wrong with these people. Don’t explain yourself.. ffs.. Why don’t you tell me what to say then and when to say it.

            The whole thing is ridiculous. People are ridiculous.

          3. anne

            Agreed Sibling.. A show was required.

            But that’s just more of it.. more dictating – that a show shouldn’t go ahead.

            John did mention on the show tonight that it was put to him to not explain his decision too much.. and he only mentioned that, to explain why he was explaining himself . Not to be vindictive.

            Just my own opinion, who the fupp tells anyone what they need to explain and what they don’t need to explain? Sorry now, but it was just mentioned on the show.

            It’s a storm in a tea-cup anyway. Whingebags looking to get up on their high horse.

    1. bad at large

      Yo Frillz!
      I know you love Hip Hops ‘music’.

      Las’ nite was banging, fer shue, mi likkle sistren. Booyaks boo
      Buyakasha whatever…

      I couldn’t see any ‘live chat’ last night.
      Is it because I’m an idiot or was it inactive.

      Still, good show, eh?

      Buck ALL of the Freegrudgers!!!

      If you AREN’T part of the problem you are part of tthe PROBLEM.

  6. Sibling of Daedalus

    Not mine.

    Commenters are free to come and go but as far as I’m concerned if something is a serious enough point of principle for a contributor/panellist to justify to themselves exiting in this way (particularly when the offending link had been removed, and there had been engagement with readers regarding it) it’s serious enough for them to stay away for good.

    Anything less would make them look somewhat hypocritical, and I’m speaking as a contributor who saw no reason to exit.

        1. bad at large

          It was Iccarus, wasn’t it?
          I feel so stupid now.

          Why did none of you tell me I was an idiot?
          I thought you were me mates.

          I’m never coming back here again. wink, wink

    1. Mary Jane

      Well said Sibling.

      I’m not impressed with the contributors who ‘hit the chicken switch’

      I say good riddance to them, I know their type well, they hang out when everything is rosy then bugger-off if they feel they might be ‘contaminated’. I never had anytime for those yellow-belly types, no cojones as they say.

  7. bad at large

    Second best episode ever.
    Thank you to everyone involved.

    Thank you for naming the contributors who left.
    I can fill four of their places, and I know a girl who can do the rest.

    But seriously, there’s a bigger picture that too many can’t see.
    I understand Broadsheet’s understanding of it. That’s why I find it difficult to talk about…. There’s this thing you want to say, but you just CAN’T say it… you know what I mean.

    Am I drink or am I drunking?

    You can’t tell me me what to diìiiiiiiìiiii

    Well done John.
    And everyone else involved too.

    It felt like 20 minutes, and you cant say better than that.
    Kisses for all of the beautiful girl too.

  8. Frilly Keane

    anyone know if Jinx joined up with the B-exiteers

    an interesting line up tho
    I’m certain Johnny Preposterous will miss the back office crew alright
    and maybe the Izzy ‘wan for the telly sessions
    but only for a bit

    and I’ll only miss Mickie Fla
    and sur ya never know; when the whole story of Dara Quigley is made known, maybe he’ll come back

    the others can stay up their own
    ah you know the rest

    something else to put out there;
    I think the show was better with just the 3 / 4

    1. anne

      I’ll go on it if you do..

      Do you know anything about current affairs though? Cavavans and how things were in the 70s are not current affairs btw. Get asked a question about the events of the days, you can’t really sh*te on about the price of keeping your caravan down at the seaside these days, when you only use it 2 days a year.

        1. anne

          i think the phone has the small a..computher big A. All clear?
          Will I fix it for you so they all be the same? Let me know if the OCD is kicking in over it. I dont want to upset.

    2. Lord Snowflakee

      Mike McGrath Bryan was doing a great job on the music, he and Mick are a great loss in fairness.

      But the real loss is Dara as Johnny immediately identified.

      I respect Johnny a lot for bringing the story back to her memory and away from himself.

    1. The Lady Vanishes

      Very interesting show.

      Somehow I think Broadsheet will survive both the recent departures and Mr Cunningham’s efforts.

    1. bad at large

      Fighting with the Facebook generation, and what Facebook generates.
      Blame Broadsheet… why not?


      I can’t stand this poo..

      1. bad at large

        Broadsheet didn’t upload / host / create / make money from having that link yesterday..
        Any fool who thinks otherwise is not thinking enough.

        I couldn’t even bring myself to read what was said yesterday.
        Not after Wednesday.
        There were too many well-meaning comments that were so far out of place it felt like a Catholic funeral. One where you left feeling good for not roaring…

        I wish you people had more heart, and more brain…
        …especially more brain.

        1. Mary Jane

          Catholics are conditioned to be idiots from the moment they’re born by that horrible Roman cult.

          (1) Don’t think for yourself
          (2) Do as we say
          (3) Because we’re always right.

          It’s a shame, the Irish didn’t jettison the Catholic church centuries ago when they had the chance. They would have been much better off in every way.

      2. The Lady Vanishes

        It’s completely pathetic at this stage, given the amount of explaining that Broadsheet has done on here (on the show) and on twitter (in response to tweets).

        I’ve just finished reading all the tweets since this broke and I have to say that some of them seem more about the tweeters themselves and scores to settle than anything else. They seem like people that nothing will please. It just shows that there was absolutely no point in paying any attention to their opinion and taking the link down in the first place.

          1. The Lady Vanishes

            I’m expressing my view, not trying to help Broadsheet.

            Most of the discussion makes for pathetic reading. It’s all about the people being outraged, emotive language, point-scoring and absolute insistence on silencing anyone who holds a different opinion.

            Seriously what are you, a playground censor or something? Go to bed.

          2. The Lady Vanishes

            I am tired and I am going to bed. This whole discussion is saddening and depressing. Just the same old ‘everyone who doesn’t go along with my view is evil, disgusting, must be closed down etc”, the subject matter is different from Catholic Ireland but the attitude on twitter is the same.

            You told me to shut up, for my own good or broadsheet’s good or whatever. That’s trying to silence someone. I’m entitled to express my opinion, as is Broadsheet. Why should anyone be pushed into giving an apology dictated by others? Broadsheet acted with good motives and it is a question of opinion whether they did the right thing. I’m sorry, but it really is, there is no empirical way of proving these matters. But people don’t want to admit this, because it’s not really about Dara for a lot of them, it’s about other things, such as the adrenalin of being outraged, being part of a group, and, frankly, bullying Broadsheet. Maybe my views even though not coming from Broadsheet will just make these people act worse towards it, I hope not but it’s exactly when you fear what people will do if you say something that it’s important to say it. Goodnight.

          3. Harry Molloy

            it’s hardly surprising given how black and white the tone of this site and its commenters seem to be.

            you’re either good or you’re f*cking scum and it only takes one act for someone/something to be tho recipient of dogs abuse

            (if anyone cares I think broadsheet were wrong to link the video, but believed they were doing the right thing. They were a little tone deaf this time around and were slow to pick up on how people felt. The mature thing would have been for BS to hold these hands up and say mea culpa, which didn’t happen. And the mature thing for commenters and contributors would have been to say “learn your lesson BS” and move on, which some are slow to do because they only love or hate)

          4. know man is an island

            Just keep repeating your same old tiring not at all is insightful or interesting POV Jeremy

    1. The Lady Vanishes

      Time will tell, Jeremy. Let’s see how all the outrage is in, say, one week.

      1. jeremy kyle

        Well I hope that most of those people come back because I don’t want to be left alone in here with you pooheads.

          1. jeremy kyle

            I apologize, that was the wrong tone. I don’t think everyone here is a poohead.

  9. Saturday Night Newsround

    In line with your policy of full disclosure, could Broadsheet publish the resignation letters/emails of those who resigned?

    I would be interested to know if the reason for their resignation was a point of principle held by them or whether they resigned because they were were coming under pressure from others because of the post, and if so, by whom and the extent of that pressure.

    It’s one thing to robustly criticise views you don’t agree with. It’s quite another thing, though to seek to censor these views..

  10. Murtles

    Jaysus, Day 4 and the bandwagon jumpers are still out in force. Delighted that their faux outrage allows them to indulge their keyboard banging mania. Never seen/heard of half of them on this site in all my time visiting.

  11. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

    Is “The Lady Vanishes” one of the Moderators of BS?
    Genuine question

    1. Harry Molloy

      I’ve only seen “her” post here and no conspiracy theory posts that people take issue with.

      I would strongly believe so.

  12. Pat Harding

    It’s the same old paddywhackery that goes back to the time of Parnell. Here was a guy who did a lot for ordinary Irish people and then made a mistake by involved with someone’s estranged wife; the church and despicable their lackeys set the ‘dogs of hell’ on him.

    It was disgusting then, but little has changed. That same peasant mob mentality still exists within the psyche of those plebs who ‘rant and rave’ when incited to do so.

    All this faux outrage from the ‘I want to be offended people’ makes me want to puke!

    They need a good slap.

  13. Listrade

    Nothing like sticking my oar in days after an event. I didn’t agree with the posting of the video and was happy to see it removed, but I decided to stay out of the melee as it was just too hot for gathering my thoughts on this.

    Anyway, I decided to give BS the benefit of the doubt that day and that opinion hasn’t changed. I can see their reasons for posting it and I believe John’s reasoning expressed last night. I still disagree with it, but I believe that they had the best of intentions.

    And that’d be my only thoughts on this. I can’t think of many occasions, especially not on something so serious and emotional, that BS has taken an editorial decision purely based on link-bait or populism. I’ve seen enough to know a genuine and callous editorial decision to feed on clicks and hits looks like. I don’t believe I’ve seen one here.

    Even the stuff, like this, I wholeheartedly disagree with, BS has enough brownie points and enough credibility (with me) for me to give the benefit of the doubt to that decision being considered and genuine in motives.

    There are plenty of times I’ve put time, effort and consideration into a decision and still got it wrong and hurt people. I’m lucky that they’ve understood that genuine mistakes, done under the belief of it being for the right reasons, happen.

    Last, I didn’t know Dara outside of her journalism. I can’t speak for what would or wouldn’t hurt her. That speculation should be left for those that knew her and were close to her. Outrage isn’t taboo, it’s ok, it’s healthy. I hate the modern idea of putting down genuine outrage as being an over-reaction just as much as I hate the outrage that is an over-reaction. The problem is, I’m only a human, with my own biases and so I’m not a good judge of what is and what isn’t justifiable outrage (apart from genocide…I think we can all agree on that).

    But…. but…going back to start of this last point…several people brought up Dara and her feelings into their anger. They were angry on behalf of Dara. Unless you knew her, don’t justify your anger with Dara. I agree, it was a wrong decision. I think the video was recorded to be voyeuristic and mocking and I think that overrides any other motive for posting. It’s ok to be angry and outraged just because the video is what it is and you disagree with the posting. It’s not ok, unless you knew her, to make judgement on what Dara would think and use that in your arguments. We don’t know. Sadly we never will.

    TLDR: I think it was the wrong decision, but I think it was a wrong decision made with good intentions where an emotional involvement in the issue got in the way of sensitivity. It’s ok to be angry, but balance that with the history of BS and how many times it has made an editorial decision purely based on clicks and not something the staff believe is a genuine and worthwhile cause. To me benefit of the doubt is with John’s rationale in the video.

    1. Lord Snowflakee


      fair play man, you do go on a bit sometimes but you also have a great way of summing things up (when you take the notion), more of the latter please

    2. rotide

      If this didn’t come from a blog that believes sandy hook was faked, that the marseilles bombings were a false flag operation and that they were going to blow the political world apart with big news about Hillary, that wall of text might have a point.

      It did and it doesn’t.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            You haven’t met mine…

            (I jest, she is an angel of mischief and light)

        1. ivan

          Rotide’s got a point on this score, Moyest, IMHO; I think Listrade is right. On balance, BS screwed up but not with any level of maliciousness. BUT I’d be able to let it go a sod of a lot of of a lot easier if there was *occasionally* an acknowledgement – in writing – that they get stuff wrong.

          “I’m sorry you didn’t like this” doesn’t cut it. So there is a kind of passive-agressiveness bubbling under here sometimes. We saw it with Pizzagate, we saw it with Sandy Hook, we saw it with Dara that stuff is presented to us from a blog that’s (for the most part) one of the good guys, but it’s left there, unapologetically.

          I know we’re not subscribers. I know we don’t pay for this but we are – as users – stakeholders in this outfit and thus in this instance, Rotide is right. I’m not asking Bodger to put on a hairshirt, but when they get it wrong, they need to hold their hands up and say “it’s a fair cop”. I’m getting fair mileage out of the aul Classical phrase Even Homer Nods, but it’s still appropriate. Peace out’n’all.

          1. The Lady Vanishes

            You are indeed users. That means that you can come and go as you please. There is a limit, however, to what you can reasonably demand.

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            “that wall of text might have a point.

            It did and it doesn’t.”

            No, he’s just being his usual spiteful self and trying to talk down to someone because he has decided to deal with his obvious insecurity by trying to demean anyone who doesn’t validate his personal perspective.

      1. Listrade

        “that wall of text might have a point.

        It did and it doesn’t.”

        Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree on here. What never changes is my walls of text or your condescension of those you disagree with.

        I only ever speak for myself and don’t try to project my opinion as that of everyone. It was a wall of text that was about my reasoning and my decision.

        All the points on Sandy Hook, Pizzagate, etc are valid and I have commented on those threads (I was even accused of being you at one point….), however, I see a difference between what might be posted and what might be an editorial decision. I also see how BS is largely open to dissent of its articles in the comments. I’ve been here a long time and I weighed it up for myself and made my own call on how to judge it.

        BS has its principles and each contributor has their own. Sometimes I’m aligned, sometimes I’m not. Same with all the commentators. Same with you.

        I don’t need you to tell me what my judgement should be.

    3. Nigel

      Yup. I’ve explained my own reaction to the link elsewhere so I won’t rehash it. I think it was done in good faith. If anything the backlash was caused by their almost coy approach. Broadsheet’s tendency to be terse in commentary and explanation turned downright obtuse. If the link was posted to show her physical treatment by the police please say so up front. If there are issues with the family which mean gaining their agreement would not be necessarily useful or desirable, say so, as discreetly as you like. You’re asking for mind reading and inside knowledge otherwise.

      Damn. I rehashed it.

      If I stop commenting here it won’t be because if this but something tangential, not a point of principle, just feeling soured about the site. I explained that elsewhere too. I’ll get over it or I won’t.

      I hope whoever posted that video gets roasted and whoever shared it gets boils.

      1. rotide

        I hope whoever posted that video gets roasted and whoever shared it gets boils.

        Like Broadsheet you mean?

        1. Nigel

          More the original sharers. Broadsheet should get a dry patch on their skin for handling it clumsily but decent lotion for taking the link down.

    1. Mary Jane

      @bluehaven, and as a moral guardian you’ll be holding the torch to show the way…

  14. Frilly Keane

    there’s definitely a feeling a storm has passed over
    and there are those of us that stayed with the ship

    and those that got off as soon as they could

    Last night I felt Johnny KK was a bit huffy and pouty, as if he was doing Broadsheet a favour, until he started talking, and then couldn’t shurrup
    the other fella clearly wasn’t arsed but was afraid to hop off the fence case someone saw he was spineless
    and Olga is a pro anyway – the story comes first

    I’m pretty proud of John Ryan
    and of myself tbh
    I could easily have ignored the thread completely and ye wouldn’t have noticed since I’m never on those topics

    so maybe a big Day 1 of a new Generation of Broadsheet party is in order

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      You feel proud of yourself because you commented on a story you normally wouldn’t? (real question)

      1. Frilly Keane

        I wouldn’t even have opened it Mildred
        I rarely open anything over 100 and I never comment on Mental health & Suicide threads

        1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

          And you’re proud of what exactly Frilly?
          And in case you feel the need to get defensive or antagonistic it’s a sincere question.
          I’m genuinely curious to see what you think you have done to feel proud about.

        2. mildred st. meadowlark

          That’s fair enough. I try not to get involved in certain topics myself. As you know yourself, it’s not always that easy.

      1. Frilly Keane

        but your boy has joined the Bexiteers
        is that why we didn’t hear from you last night in the chat pit

        you were needed for the sing song

        1. know man is an island

          Another oul wan giving people notes about what to say, think or feel online?

      1. Frilly Keane

        celebratory is a bit strong int’it Spag
        I was tinking more a congenial meet and greet
        no falling out

    2. anne

      “I’m pretty proud of John Ryan and myself tbh”

      lol Notions. You did nothing. Get over yourself.

      I seriously find you hilarious Frilly.

  15. Pat Harding

    That’s all well and fair. But let’s get back to the point. Broadsheet is not the offending party, it was a copper who made this video and put it up online. Everything else is just ‘noise’ around the central issue which was the depraved conduct of the cop in question.

    1. Frilly Keane

      well Pat

      I think the treatment of a vulnerable person is the main point – the public are not safe

      the recording and distributing the video is a second and imo a Gardai Internal Affairs matter

      The providing of the link for the Public to see EXACTLY what their Gardai did to a fellow human being in OUR name shouldn’t be the puckin story at all

      but the story today is the light weights running with the stream ; the fair weather fans

      Ha, with all your fighting talk xxxx you’re a windy as a Westmeath footballer
      You wanted to deny the Public information about their Police Force; remember that the next time you’re on one of your rants about secrecy and power

      the next story will be the Whole Dara Quigley truth
      and on the matter John; and I’m doing it here so you can hold me to it,
      the answer is yes

      1. Louis.lefronde

        @Frilly, this could be the start of a strange Bromance where we actually agree more than not?

  16. Brother Barnabas

    Dara Quigley was a friend of mine. I was shocked, appalled, sickened when BS linked that video. I didn’t for a minute, though, think as some have suggested that it was done out of mischief, for clicks, publicity notoriety or whatever – I think anyone who’s followed Broadsheet for any length of time and seen what it’s done (Kate Fitzgerald, Cynthia Owen…) would reject that idea outright. I did though feel linking the video was insensitive, inconsiderate and thoughtless. And I felt the refusal to remove the video when it was apparent that so many people were upset by it was callous. Now that I’ve had time to reflect, I see that my reaction was emotional, primal and overwhelming. I was thinking; I was reacting and feeling. And it wasn’t nice. And now that I’ve had time to reflect, I’ve changed my mind. I think Broadsheet was right to link the video. And I regret now that the link was removed. Dara admired Broadsheet for being “fearless and principled”. And I feel the decision to link the video was fearless and principled – a horrible decision to take and one that I’m sure nobody enjoyed taking, but the correct one. And Dara admired John Ryan. And I think she would have hugely admired and respected him (and the others) for going on last night and saying what he said. I do. I added one critical comment yesterday. I retract that comment now. And I sincerely apologise for the part I played in bringing condemnation and disruption to Broadsheet, which absolutely didn’t deserve it. Sorry – and thanks.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        But the Brother was only gone ONE day!
        Still, we don’t want to lose the Brother.
        Especially after that eloquent comment.

      1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

        Well if that doesn’t make him turn and run nothing will :)

    1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

      Hey BB, if you’re on Twitter drop me a DM at some stage, I thought I’d lost you forever :)

    2. Lord Snowflakee

      Well said, and fair play. It takes a real man to acknowledge when he thinks he misjudged an issue, especially one as emotive as this one. We are all deeply sorry and indeed many of us are quite mad about what happened to your friend, and about the misery that must have been heaped on you all when this video was published, as its contents were awful. From an objective viewpoint however I also strongly believed that Broadsheet were right to publish the link to the video and wrong to remove it. Business is business though and it appears that the management became afraid of the visceral reaction from their own readers, which is a shame.

      1. Sibling of Daedalus

        No. A post that was about one issue became about two issues, the second being the relationship between the website and its readers, not in relation to commercial gain but in relation to those who had invested time in reading and commenting on the site and giving respect to their views. The link was not removed out of fear. The decision to remove it was not a decision by the exodus but by the remaining contributors of Broadsheet who are still here and will continue to be so and do our work without fear or favor fully satisfied with the integrity of the site.

        PS cos someone raised it on twitter I just want to add I don’t get paid for any contributions and do work for Broadsheet because I believe in it and continue to believe in it.

        1. Lord Snowflakee

          Well I’m watching the telly speech here and John is saying he made the decision to publish entirely on his own, so unless you’re also John I don’t know what you’re on about Sibling.

          I presume he also made the decision to remove the link but I’ll take your word for it.

          I’m not sure what I think of your weasel words about commercial gain.

          1. Sibling of Daedalus

            I am not John. As stated in my original post I knew of the decision to link in my capacity as a contributor and agreed with it. Not sure what interpretation you are putting on my words regarding commercial gain. Some one asked me if I and others got paid as contributors. I don’t. I thought I’d better say it here as well. I genuinely don’t

          2. Sibling of Daedalus

            know if other contributors are paid so I said I couldn’t speak for them. That’s all.

          3. Lord Snowflakee

            Well you’ve taken the line here a few times, Sibling (and I saw John mumbling a bit about it last night as well) that the site is not about getting clicks or yous are not doing it for money etc.

            But by definition it’s an online blog that people click on and which sells advertising. So it is for clicks. That’s what the advertisers pay for in the online world. Clicks and eyeballs. Hence the site IS for commercial ‘gain’ no matter how unprofitable it may currently be, or whatever hairshirt John puts on.

            I also heard John say, everyone works on for it for ‘nothing’ which as a site which frequently rails again exploitative practices in industry and in Jobsbridge, I also find somewhat hypocritical. But in a way these contradictions are what makes it great.

            In your personal case it may well be true, that you’re not doing it for personal gain, but in John’s or his advertisers’ case that’s definitely not the case.

            By the way I think your articles are superb.

          4. Bodger

            Lord Snowflake, I realise you’re only getting some digs in, but we would love to make Broadsheet financially viable. We have found it extremely difficult to get local Irish advertising, regardless of clickage or whatnot. Google adwords, who currently supply the unattractive ads on the site, cover the ‘sheet’s hosting, legal and accounting costs (April total available on request). We hope believe this situation will change, but we’ve been saying that for years in the meantime it is somewhat hairshirty.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Hi Bodge!

          Just to say although I profoundly disagree with showing the video, this is a great site and I hope all this hasn’t caused you too much grief.


    3. Louis.lefronde

      Broadsheet did the right thing. In France we have a tradition in the media of not hiding the truth, even if sometimes it’s hard to stomach. It would be too easy to not have linked to the video, and then justify that stance with some terse statement about not wishing to offend the viewers. But in France we believe readers need to be shocked and shaken out of their complacency. To do otherwise, is to do nothing.

      Liberty and the search for justice have a cost, and often it is the most vulnerable who pay the price.

      It seems to me your police force is rotten to the core, and the entry level is too close to the cesspit which enables the slime to get in and advance up the ranks.

        1. Louis.lefronde

          I am French-Canadian, born in Montreal but grew up in France, where I live. For what it’s worth, the mother is Irish…which explains a lot :-)

    4. Brother Barnabas

      Cheers all.

      Not on Twitter, Bertie – cheers, though.

      Seems Broadsheet’s got its very own Saipan going on (*). Pity it turned out that way (dismissing people who objected to the link as “stupid” and “unsophisticated” didn’t help). And the comments about those contributors who left over this that were made in the live chat last night were moronic and embarrassing – all the more so alongside John’s respectful and dignified eloquence. Really hope that when things settle down, Mick, Mike, Izzy etc will come back.

      *Me = ardently and unapologetically on Keane’s side / one and only time I’ve sided with a Corkonian

      1. Mary Jane

        I really hope they don’t come back especially that tosser who took over the 420 show with her ranting and raving about the NMH.

  17. Lord Snowflakee

    Really great show, I thought John handled it really well and this episode will be the making of broadsheet.

  18. Zena

    @ BB

    Glad to see you back, you would have been greatly missed.


    You did really well last night to go on and the way you spoke about Dara was positive and uplifting
    I’d like to say that just because I didn’t commentin the last couple of days does not mean that I jumped ship or whatever other crude terms have been used. Sometimes people don’t vocalise, rant and rave, there was enough mayhem and upset without adding to it.

  19. Sarah Walker

    Wow, it’s incredible to see what people have become, most on here are talking complete shite, congratulating each other, having a go, expressing their complete and utter outrage at the treatment of a person the majority actually couldn’t give two hoots about! People virtually back slapping and high fiving. I wonder do the majority of people on here struggle to make genuine and lasting relationships in the real world? Because on the subject of Commenting and arguing at 4am on a Friday morning is seriously unhealthy. Nobody can know, besides this tragic woman, what she would or would not have wanted disseminated after her untimely and tragic death. Only she, if she were here, could say. I am sure the content was shared with what was believed to be good intention but ultimately Broadsheet tends to simplify the reasons behind suicide, which are as manifold as they are complex, and often infer, albeit in a nuanced way, that the writers are privy to a lot more information than the general public which usually amounts to a bunch of conspiratorial claptrap. That’s the part that doesn’t sit well, it traduces those with mental health issues who eventually die by suicide by inferring there was this one single cause be it bullying in the workplace or a rough and callous arrest and Broadsheet are the only ones brave enough to name it. That is not journalism, that is an ill informed opinion. People who die by suicide do so for a myriad reasons and the fact that this website likes to attribute blame and whip up all the powers of dullness to witch hunt and hold people accountable for killing people, that is morally reprehensible. The internet is awash with faceless sociopaths, many of whom seem to be on here. This issue became about the website which shared it, and those behind it knew this was a serious possibility, so if you truly care for how this individual was allowed to fall through the cracks and received no support, then why not do a week with mental health specialists offering some real support, do a petition challenging the Gov to finally acknowledge and support the dispossessed and those with mental health issues who are discarded like trash, or better still do some proper investigative work and deal in facts for once not hearsay! You’ve had a taste now of what it is like when your usually salivating puppy dogs turn on you with half the facts and all the outrage. The arrogance, self importance of the majority of the commentators on here makes it so difficult to engage with this site. I would love to see some campaigning work on here that was actually directed at helping rather than blaming. Not that it matters to fuc* what anyone on here does or does not do in the greater scheme of things, but I won’t be back. This is a very unhealthy space it should be renamed Ouroboros.

      1. Sarah Walker

        astute and valuable commentary as usual, an intellectual powerhouse you are, what an asset to this forum.. :)

          1. Sibling of Daedalus

            ,i>Why not do a week with mental health specialists offering some real support, do a petition challenging the Gov to finally acknowledge and support the dispossessed and those with mental health issues who are discarded like trash

            I think this is a great idea and I absolutely agree with your discarded like trash description. If you have any further ideas/useful contacts for the mental health week please feel free to email broadsheet or email me at

            or better still do some proper investigative work and deal in facts for once not hearsay!

            Non-hearsay investigation is outside my remit so I don’t have anything to say here. What I would say is that a lot of the newspaper archive research published under the Bodger heading, though hearsay, pulls together public domain information of significant public interest in a useful way.. I don’t know if it qualifies as investigative journalism proper, but I think it’s valuable work.

    1. Clampers Outside

      ” I wonder do the majority of people on here struggle to make genuine and lasting relationships in the real world?”

      Your off hand question, a simple high and mighty judgement display, is no better a display of arrogance than anyone else; and expecting real relationships reflected in a comments section… ah hear, wha’, sounds like too much belief in your own judgement of an avatars real character, and not enough awareness of your own tendency to judgement, no?

      “but ultimately Broadsheet tends to simplify the reasons behind suicide”…. that’s an opinion of the site, nothing more. It’s not a fact although espoused as one. One I disagree with completely.

      ” ….the fact that this website likes to attribute blame and whip up all the powers of dullness to witch hunt and hold people accountable for killing people, that is morally reprehensible.” Hyperbolic accusation.

      * you mock regular commenters for coming together after an emotional melee, and assume position at the lectern, and you continue… *

      …..”so if you truly care …. ”

      …”The arrogance, self importance of…. commenters”….

      As the person above said… get over yersel’

      ” I would love to see some campaigning work on here that was actually directed at helping rather than blaming. ” …come on to this site more often then, it’s not 24/7 nor should it be. It’s usually news lead or in support of active charities in the that area of mental health support. Yes, really.

      ” do some proper investigative work and deal in facts for once not hearsay! ”
      The use of “deal in facts for once ” tells me you’re talking shi*e at this point. Sorry, but it is a total and utter bullpoo accusation disproved easily by browsing the site. A ridiculous assertion.

      I had issues in the past with regard to addiction, and mental health and suicidal ideation, and it is my own opinion that Broadsheet down the years has done a fantastic job on looking on the issue of suicide.
      The facilitation of any discussion, like the one Broadsheet has provided for close to a decade now, is from what i see in your comment… not been worthwhile, certainly not worthy of your approval. That’s a pity, but this site I’m sure, has done more than any individual, and Broadsheet is a sum of its’ parts, be they admin, contributors or commenters, liked or disliked.

      Keep up the good work, all of yiz, Broadsheet


      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Also, hi Zena.

        Hope you have a lovely weekend, you absolute treasure :)

    2. Susan

      I’m inclined to believe this comment is more inspired by the ongoing inconvenience to powerful interests caused by questions about the death of Kate Fitzgerald than the more recent questionable behaviour of the servants of the state who were supposed to help Dara Quigley.

      Whose death I am horrified by. To mock a vulnerable woman is a fupping disgrace and of course it will have contributed to her state of mind. Height of disingenuity to think otherwise.

  20. Peter Dempsey

    My opinion:

    Broadsheet had a genuine reason for linking the video. I fully accept their intentions were honourable and driven by the need to expose the Gardai’s appalling treatment of Dara Quigley.

    The outrage and sniping that has followed has been highly aggressive and tantamount to bullying.

    If it were my decision, I would left the link stay up although I understand why they removed it.

  21. Mary Jane

    Nonsense. Sarah lost the plot when she mentioned ‘Faceless Sociopaths’…. obviously either doesn’t know what a sociopath is.

    Be gone….

    1. Sarah Walker

      ‘either?’ Sociopaths seek to dominate others and win at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity. IE internet commentators Broadsheet is not immune to this…

      1. know man is an island

        You mean like people who rant ad nauseaum without regard to basic structure of paragraphs or sentence construction?

      2. Mary Jane

        That’s not a sociopath. My god I hope you never meet one, if you did you’d know all about it.

        Be gone…again!

    2. Frilly Keane

      Ah here
      I’m confused

      I thought I was sophisticated
      Yer ‘wan says Sociopath

        1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

          Chris Eubank called me that once and I’m still cleaning the spit off my jacket.

  22. Johnny Keenan

    Thanks Zena and Snowflake for yer positive comments.

    As I said on the telly I’m relatively knew to BS as a contributor.

    This is my view now.

    Brother Barnabas nailed it. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend BB. I think everyone was overcome with emotion and the comments reflected that.

    It takes a very strong and brave person to take a step back and change their mind, and not be afraid to be seeing changing their mind on a belief or opinion. That shows real character.

    This is a real learning curve for anyone who wants to be part of real social change.
    BS has stood out and stood up for the underdog down through its 7 year existence.
    I am now proud to say I’m part of something positive because of the fact BB knows that Dara looked up to John.

    So I had no right to question John’s integrity when I sent him an email. I can only presume he received a lot of emails with the same concern.

    Let’s move on now together in a positive peaceful and progressive manner. In honour of Dara.


  23. Johnny Keenan

    Sorry finally I had a right to question Johns integrity. But I should have waited to see the full picture. Thats the lesson I’ve learnt out of all this.

    1. Shayna

      I’ve known John for as long as he has known me, integrity wasn’t something that I ever felt he was lacking. (Jesus, it’s reading a tad like an obituary?).

  24. Mary Jane

    Well said ‘Johnny the Spliff’.

    You always struck me as a straight hitter and furthermore you turned up last night which marks you out as a real man instead of those who did a legger!

    1. Brother Barnabas

      Nobody did a “legger”, MJ. I’d say of all people, Johnny fully understands why some of his former brothers in arms didn’t participate last night. And I doubt Johnny bears any grudge or animosity.

    2. Frilly Keane, Sophistopath

      But what about Jinx lads
      There could well be murder in that house
      If he’s still not talking t’us

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