16 thoughts on “Ready Or Not?

  1. martco

    eeeh…wtf is the story here?

    why is this all being presented, styled and electioneered a la its a general public vote…or xfactor…like we all have an involvement or an/any interest…websites facebook a2 poster boards on poles, is this is not an internal party vote for a leader, no?

    what’s next? party political broadcasts and debates on de TV3?

    are WE paying for this morkeshing trickology?

    1. dav

      “are WE paying for this morkeshing trickology?” of course we are and yet in leo’s world people who claim welfare are criminals…

      1. martco

        aha. I suspect this is indeed a large rat.

        the idea is to run all this as a presidential style election with all the social media trimmings…y’know socialise it and turn it into some sort of exciting competition where you get to know the FG personalities, twists, turns, laughs and maybe the odd tear.

        it’s a pre GE electioneering construct

        such bs

  2. Junkface

    Its Tweedledum versus Tweedledee, both of which are usless at their current jobs. They deserve a promotion! To the idiot- mobile!

  3. ReproBertie

    Don’t you listen to the news Bodger? Just because it’s MSM doesn’t mean it’s all fake. FG’s national executive meet on Thursday to finalise the procedures and rules of the contest. With that out of the way Simon and Leo will both officially launch their campaigns on Saturday.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Ah give over

        I’ll give the Candidates the same 15 questions

        Let’s see who gets the most votes

        D’ya think they have the balls?

      1. Zena

        Will there at least be be a wee lad in the corner of the screen doing sign language?

        Sorry, I’m at a loose end :o)

  4. Scundered

    Can we not just replace them all with a robot or something, our politicians’ self entitled snootery would make a fella awful nauseous.

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