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From top: Eric Locke; Dr Seán Ó Domhnail

This afternoon, Erick Locke was  found guilty  at the Central Criminal Court of murdering Sonia Blount at a room in the Plaza Hotel, Tallaght, Dublin 24  on February 16, 2014.

Further to this…

Sam M writes:

Man uses fake Facebook profile to lure ex. girlfriend  to a hotel room.

Brings along with him a “pellet gun, Stanley knife and cable ties”. But only to “frighten her” he claims. When she screams, the mother-of-one is “strangled and suffocated”.

His psychiatrist testifies in court “that he had intended tying her to a chair and forcing her to listen to an account of his suffering, but didn’t intend to kill her.”

Locke is suffering from Pervasive Developmental Disorder, he says.

Prosecuting barrister Remy Farrell describes the psychiatrist as “wholly unreliable” adding that “his lack of familiarly with the evidence is simply stunning.”

Defence barrister Patrick Gageby agrees that the psychiatrist appears poorly prepared but said he was ‘not so sure’ that the diagnosis of PDD was challenged.

Well today it was.  Locke will receive a mandatory life sentence.

Who is the psychiatrist? Dr Seán Ó Domhnaill, leading member Youth Defence since its foundation and spokesperson for the group in the 1990s and 2000s.

Eric Locke found guilty of murder of Sonia Blount in hotel room (RTÉ)

Defence insists Eric Locke had mental disorder at time of killing (Irish Times, May 19, 2017)

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30 thoughts on “Pervasive Developmental Defence

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      But shure ’twas only a woman who was brutalised – it’s not as if he did something serious.

  1. Yep

    Looks like his nose has been smashed numerous times. Should have gotten the CAT/MEG/MRI and went the brain injury route. If you’re into that sort of thing.

  2. rotide

    Apparently now we are to be outraged when the accused dares mount a defence?

    It’s what the legal system is built on for gods sake. You’re getting worse ‘bodger’

    He was found guilty, justice done.

    1. Nigel

      But rotide it sounds like the defence was just shoddy and poor. People are entitled to a proper defence but this gives the impression that they were desperate or pure amature hour. I wonder if a shoddy defence can be used in an appeal?

      1. rotide

        So you’re telling me that bodger is complaining that this guys defence was shoddy?

        There’s more stuff to be outraged about in the legal system but we are given this because grrrrrr youth defence. There’s even better examples of YD being idiots to use.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Yes, people don’t tend to like religious fundamentalists that want to deny human rights to people and use deliberate lies to push their anti woman agenda. Also, the trial ended yesterday, so, ya know, it’s topical. The world doesn’t revolve around you, you utter fruitcake.

  3. rotide

    Either you didn’t read the post or you have the compehension of a 6 year old. The doctor didn’t doubt his own testimony, the defence council did.

    You might also want to give the hippocratic oath another read. It says nothing about having wierd leftfield theories.

    1. rotide

      You deleted that comment and not the one calling me a d1ck?

      stick to your own moderation rules.

    2. Barry the Hatchet

      Did you actually read the article? Even the defence S.C. conceded that O Domhnaill was poorly prepared and presented badly in court.

  4. Lord Snowflakee

    Rotide has to come up with some contrarian nonsense on virtually every post here, it’s like his life depends on it.

  5. Milo

    Can you explain the link between him being a poor psychiatrist and in Youth Defence? Or else just delete this because its too uncomfortable to answer?

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Youth Defence use propaganda and are inherently misogynist. It is not surprising, and worth mentioning, that a psychiatrist who tried to excuse the murder of a woman by a man with a nonsensical and made up theory about human behaviour is a member of an anti woman propaganda group.

      1. Clampers Outside

        “nonsensical made up theory about human behaviour”… if only you exercised your critical thinking more often.

        You’re the same buffoon who thinks “reciprocal violence” in a DV situation means she was asking for it because that’s the teachings of the “nonsensical made up theory about human behaviour” they call ‘patriarchy’ as is used under The Duluth Model.

        I guess your nonsense detector is selective, maybe you should have it checked.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Hey Clamps! I’m a bit too hungry to pretend your rantings aren’t insane right now. How was the weekend? Any Plenty of Fish success stories? Were they all bitches again?

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