23 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Can’t understand it. If ever there was a top quality Dublin City Council repair, that has to be it!! What on earth went wrong?

    1. Rob_G


      A serial litigant is after getting €40k for slipping on a chip; imagine what they could do with that

  1. ollie

    Good to see that DCC have replaced the bollard at the left of this photo. I reckon it gets a smack of a car at least weekly.

  2. Custo

    I was waiting on a bus on James St last year, Saturday morning, and a council truck pulled up, bloke hopped out with a bucket of loose tarmac, threw it into a pothole and said to his mate ‘job done’.

    And off they fupped.

    Maybe he fixed this one too.

    1. ollie

      potholes need to be excavated to be repaired properly, the lad you seen used slow set tarmac to effect a temporary repair.
      The alternative for James St is night works, traffic management, machinery, at least 6 people on site and that would be a contractor’s resource requirement.

  3. Casey

    Its the sinkhole to the hellmouth opening up.

    Trump touched the orb, now we need Buffy to save us all.

    1. scottser

      it’s obviously the mouth of hell opening up for seanie fitz. hell wants him back for more important work..

  4. arsebiscuits

    Is it a sink hole?

    The Corpo has sunk a few thousand pounds(€) of best pothole repair mix into it so yes it probably is sunk.

  5. Barry the Hatchet

    Maybe there’s a man-made cavity under the street, rather than one caused by erosion? I seem to remember a section of Harcourt Street collapsed about ten years ago and it was discovered to be due to the load-bearing frame of some underground coal cellars having given way. I’m sure there’s loads of streets in Dublin that are not built on solid ground.

    Also, that is some sh*te repair work.

    1. Otis Blue

      …that look like Ireland.

      This one looks a little like Australia so won’t count

  6. ollie

    It’s not fixed because it’s Pearse St. It would be fixed immediately in Blackrock.

  7. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    I’m commenting here rather than on the actual thread because they’re best ignored, but have people noticed that the LJG videos constantly posted are over 45 minutes long? That was a shock. People watch close to an hour of that?

  8. mack

    Or it could just be an Irish Road Tar Sun blister….that’s melted! Warm Heat = tar bubble/blister…melting…

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