18 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

    1. cluster

      The news earlier in the week informed us that there had been a bomb in an arena full of teenagers.

      So you’re just objectively wrong.

  1. Ron

    it’s like the whole Sean Fitzpatrick story just never happened. Why yesterday to announce that news? The judge knew that trial was unsafe weeks ago after the ODCE investigator Connell gave evidence in court that he destroyed documents amongst other things. What was the DPP’s role in this?

    1. cluster

      Exactly. Why would we model such an org on MI5?

      We’re always looking over to the other isle to see if we can copy them, even though other countries have much more to teach us

  2. ivan

    so on the one hand, we’ve Piers Moron et al saying that the Muslim community needs to stand up to those who are fomenting terrorism et al, and to engage with the authorities, but then it seems that actually in this case, the authorities knew of yer man, because members of the Muslim community pointed him out and said ‘he’s a wrong ‘un’ and they – the authorities – didn’t act on it…


    1. spudnick

      That’s the worst thing about Britain First and their ilk. “At least we’re standing up and doing something” they say. By stoking the pitchfork mobs, by exploiting ordinary people’s helpless anger, they’re doing the very thing, the most likely thing to encourage another Manchester Arena, by discouraging the Muslim community to help out. It’s actually staggering how wrongheaded it is once you think about it for more than half a second.

    2. postmanpat

      Ah come on , the police are too busy busting grow houses and getting to the real source of terrorism…. “Dope Smoker” s . It’s a gateway drug after all .

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