The Morrisons


Van and Jim jam (with Holmes on sax)

Lizard King and Van the Man on one stage.

Niall N writes:

Them & The Doors jamming together at The Whisky-A-Go-Go back in June 1966. The Doors were the support act for Van Morrison’s group between June 2-18th 1966…

But what were they playing?

Light my Ire? People Are Grumpy?

Suggestions below.

The Doors Interactive History: 1966

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12 thoughts on “The Morrisons

  1. scottser

    now, you know the way some lads were just made to be bald? like you couldn’t imagine them any other way? van looks weird with hair – it doesn’t suit him.

    1. rotide

      I was sure that was a hat.

      Mind you, it does seem clearly apparent that Van was never young and appeared on the earth a grizzled old moany genius.

  2. dave g k

    Ray Manzarek:
    “Van Morrison was insane. The guy was ALL OVER the stage, man. Absolutely insane. Did that thing of holding the microphone stand upside down, and singing, and smashing the mic stand into the stage, and just…God, was he incredible! He was so good. Then the last night we played we had a jam, doing a twenty-minute version of “Gloria” and a twenty-five-minute version of “In the Midnight Hour”.”

  3. kid jensen

    Van watched the Joshua fight in sly Stallone’s house with Tom Jones. Bet you didn’t know thatm

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    One of my favorite 60s groups, Them. The extended live version of Baby Please Don’t Go by Them is the song’s best rendition. An old slave song, tis.

    1. Kevin

      Where would she go though? It’s not like slaves could just decide to go be a slave some place else, with some other guy. Idk.

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