10 thoughts on “NERRRRRRDS!

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    I was young back in the 70’s. Just a thought – do you see any mountainous, wobbly lardarses in that queue?

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Ah, Zena. The Sheik’s build, both then and now, has been akin to that of a lurcher! Nice try, but no cigar.

      1. Zena

        @ Sheik

        No sweat, I have a stockpile of Condor…

        Is Mrs. Sheik pounding away on the treadmill as you type, to keep hold of your heart ;-)

          1. Zena

            How uncouth, lol, your dinner will be in the dog and your Y-fronts thrown out of the whites boiling pot, if she knows your handle on here ;-))

            That did give me a good cackle, Sheik.

  2. dave g k

    The week it opened we arrived into O’Connell St to The Savoy, only to find a queue that stretched all the past the Gresham and round on to Cathal Brugha St. Unfortunately just as we were nearly at the cinema, the ‘House Full’ sign went up. Being the young fools that we were, obviously we waited for the next performance two plus hours later. First in, we had our choice of where to sit and made the rookie error of sitting in the very front row. Hadn’t a clue what was happening to the left or right as because The Savoy screen was so massive and from our perspective all we could see was the very centre of the screen.

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