You May Like This: Edel Meade


Edel Meade – Sideways

A Broadsheet premiere!

Sideways is an original composition by Edel Meade, a Tipperary-born singer, composer and lyricist now based in Dublin, featuring woozy late night jazz and neo-soul grooves.

Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Bob Katz, who mastered Sideways, describes Edel’s music as “sophisticated, romantic and beautifully unpredictable.”

Video produced and directed by Devi Anna at Dualitymotion, featuring actor Shane Robinson and filmed at 12 Henrietta Street, Dublin.

Edel Meade (Facebook)

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4 thoughts on “You May Like This: Edel Meade

  1. kid jensen

    heard her singing in the kozie in dun laoghaire. nice voice but country rock is more my bag.

  2. Sham Bob

    I like the lyrics, ‘the night is ending, we’ve run out of drink, the off-license closed 3 hours ago.’

    I would say that that puts the time at 1am, so it’s a bit previous to say the night’s ending – it’s but a pup at that stage. I could be missing a point here though.

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