27 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

      1. Ron

        lol… i knew I recognised you. your the person i saw in tesco standing there for what must have been 20 minutes looking at the orange juice box because it said “Concentrate.”

    1. Blue nun

      Racism in evidence. U.S. Cops mugshot of a black man to seek copy. Black lived don’t matter to the Irish liberal media elite and friends – only gay ones.

  1. Kolmo

    Christ…I shouldn’t have read the Tusla story..behind all the 171 reg cars and conspicuous spending in Brown Thomas etc..- there really are deep, very disturbing problems in our society…the lack of any type of organisation in relevant state health and social agencies is horrific, there is a barbarity right beneath the surface..led by apparently psychopathic accountants and a very strong alcohol lobby with an embarrasing hold over certain parties..i need tea and a sit down.

    1. Jake38

      Drugs, alcohol, family breakdown, welfare dependency, inadequate GARDA resources, no functioning adoption system, social workers who clock off at 5, etc etc. A toxic mix for poor children.

      1. reddit

        Ireland: Governmental and financial corruption perpetrated by an elite who face no consequences. Once that is seen to happen the whole of society is damaged and does not recover. Crime, vandalism, drug abuse and a general disregard for the rule of law flourishes. Like a cancer it eats into the fabric of society. Meanwhile, the likes of Ego Madaardvark point the finger at the poor saying they are the corrupter of society. Not the Denis O’Briens, the Michael Lowrys or the Sean FItzpatricks, who show that integrity, honesty and fairness do not matter. What matters is corrupt self enrichment at the expense of society.

        1. Lord Snowflakee

          Ego Madaardvark?

          How long did it take your four year old to come up with that one? He’s good btw.

          1. reddit

            Sorry, can’t seem to prise a relevant corollary from your comment, care to elaborate further?

  2. Charlie

    Woods is major (pardon the pun) news and Irish newspapers love sensationalism. Having said that, I’m surprised by the Irish Times stooping to that level.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      You know, as regards the times…

      I’m honestly not surprised at all. They’re a red-top now in all but name.

    2. ahjayzis

      Major entertainment, I think you mean. This ain’t news. News has a public interest aspect to it, this just has interest of the public.

  3. tommy d

    Why the daily star and not the irish star?(not that either of em are any good). And why all the british publications?

  4. Sheik Yahbouti

    MSD our heroes. ” What we really need is more orphans – a lot more orphans “.

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