‘I’m Given To Understand Nóirín O’Sullivan Used A Second Phone’


From top: Solidarity TD Mick Barry; Taoiseach Enda Kenny


During Leaders’ Questions.

Solidarity TD Mick Barry raised the matter of Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan’s missing phone.

He said:

“Former Garda Press Officer Superintendent Dave Taylor claims that he sent a text to Noirin O’Sullivan, some years ago, in which he told her that a journalist had interviewed a person making allegations against Maurice McCabe. Taylor claims O’Sullivan sent a one-word reply, ‘perfect’.

“We are told now that Noirin O’Sullivan’s phone from that time has gone missing and cannot be provided to the Charleton Tribunal. Perfect.

“Dave Taylor’s phone hasn’t been provided to Charleton either. It was taken from him, as part of an internal Garda investigation, led by Noirin O’Sullivan’s husband and has not been returned to him.

“So. Noirin O’Sullivan’s husband has Dave Taylor’s phone. And Noirin O’Sullivan can’t find her own phone. Perfect again.

“A senior Garda source told The Irish Times ‘a search of Garda HQ has taken place in recent weeks to try and find the missing phones’. It goes on to say, ‘but there’s little hope of the material being found at this stage’. I’d say there isn’t all right, Taoiseach.

“Was that phone officially reported missing? If so, when exactly? Was [former Garda Commissioner] Martin Callinan’s phone officially reported missing? When exactly?

“By the way, I’m given to understand that Noirin O’Sullivan used a second phone, a personal phone, known as the off-site phone for some Garda business. Has this phone been sought? Has she lost this phone too?”

In his reply, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said:

“You come in here with a report, which is a report from a journalist I understand, that a phone is missing from the, that was in the possession of the Garda Commissioner. I don’t have the, I don’t know whether that’s a true statement or whether it’s not. Whether it’s an allegation that stands up or not.”

“But I expect that Justice [Peter] Charleton will find out the truth of that.”

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14 thoughts on “‘I’m Given To Understand Nóirín O’Sullivan Used A Second Phone’

  1. edalicious

    Even if there’s nothing incriminating on the phones, the relaxed attitude to taking care of government property is pretty stunning. If you take them at face value that the phones went missing, they’re still admitting to letting thousands of quids worth of phones go walkabout.

  2. anne

    Even if her phone is gone missing, shur the number would have to have been registered to someone..most likely her.

    You have a text from her saying “perfect”, she loses the phone in the meantime, you just find out who that number was registered to.
    Unless the text is deleted on the receivers end, you have your proof she texted ” perfect..”

  3. anne

    where did they search for the missing phones by the way? did they try noirin’s handbag?

    what a farce.

  4. RuilleBuille

    There’s something phoney about this story. It’s just plain rung. Someone needs to spend some time in a cell.


    so why do you need the phone, all you surely need is the number of the mobile in Question and the service provider can give a print out of all communications….after all even if she did have the phone the texts were more than likely deleted….. I just dont get it

    1. jusayinlike

      Yea but than Noirin would be caught red handed and we can’t have that in modern Ireland..

      Active denial – the right wing cult response to any problems..

  6. Truth in the News

    Was not all material and property in the possession of the Guards numbered
    and bar coded age ago so that it could be traced and accounted for, who has
    custody of the inventory record……?

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