Carry On Down


The hubs are only famous.


Bargaintown warehouse, Malahide Road Industrial Estate, Coolock, Dublin 5.

Building work proper begins on the controversial site of a “family hub” from Dublin City Council (DCC) which will house up to 40 families and is one of 15 hubs planned across the capital.


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    1. Rob_G

      This is like one of the situations I was talking about in a different thread.

      Broadsheet commentariat: “The state needs to act on the housing crisis!!”

      *State builds housing*

      BS commentariat: “NO, NOT THAT!!!!”

    1. b

      that’s true, there appears to be competent builders and contractor repurposing the building but it has a disgraceful lack of union activists and glen hansard doing photo-ops

      1. j9

        @b – ah yeah – off you go and deliberately miss the point while having a cynical dig at those who tried to do something when the government would not… Yawn.

    2. Bob

      This is a fair bit better than Apollo House. There’s an open cinema across from it, there’s parks nearby, schools, shopping centres etc.

      If done properly, with a perimeter wall, it could be a safe spot.

      1. j9

        @Bob – Do you really think so? We know that this government couldn’t care less about homeless people. They’ve let this situation happen despite plenty of warnings from those working in homeless services. I hope that I’m wrong but I can’t help but feel that once families are in these “hubs” they will be forgotten about again. I mean, they left Erica Fleming in a hotel for 2 years … why would this be any different. Apollo House was a peoples initiative to draw attention to the crisis we have in this country and in that I think it was a success. This is a disgusting attempt by our government to literally warehouse homeless families. Not good enough.

      1. j9

        According to the Times “The site is located at the corner of Greencastle Parade, next to a roundabout – an area which experiences heavy volumes of traffic, including large articulated lorries, trucks and vans going to a number of nearby industrial warehouses, such as building suppliers and interior factories. The property is connected to the current Bargaintown store” Does that seem like a suitable location to you?? Ah look – you clearly think it’s grand (judging by your +1 above) so no point arguing. I’m out.

          1. j9

            So the f*** what??? ? There’s a park nearby so it’s OK for homeless families to be housed indefinitely a warehouse? Seriously??

          2. Anomanomanom

            Its not warehouse, faux outrage. If they all got €1,000,000 mansions people like you would moan it should bea €1,000,001 mansion

          3. Rob_G

            Jesus… people pay sh|t-loads of money to live in re-purposed industrial buildings – you ever heard of a ‘loft’? Some people are never happy…

          4. MoyestWithExcitement

            You move into one then. Give one of the families your home and then move into the industrial estate that was designated for them. I mean, if it’s so great, and if people pay so much for what they’re getting, you’d jump at the chance, right?

          5. Rob_G

            Actually, I’m fairly happy with my wee flat that I have at the minute, but if my circumstances changed, I most certainly would.

            Given that you are so horrified at the idea of people living in a building that was once, quelle horreur, a warehouse, of all things, why don’t you invite them to move in with you instead?

  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    Yes. Packing poor people into dense, quickly thrown together prefabs sure worked well in Ballymun. And Dolphins Barn. And…

  2. scottser

    it’s not supposed to be permanent, or ideal. it’s supposed to be part of a number of measures designed to take families out of hotels and B&Bs. 600 families at roughly a grand a week and no support is no solution either. you could also argue that once it has fulfilled its purpose then it could welll be used for student accommodation, being in cycling distance of bolton st, dcu, colaiste dulaigh etc.

    1. j9

      “It’s not supposed to be permanent” – well that’s what they say – but the Governments record in dealing with our homeless crisis is a disgrace. They would rather sell off housing in NAMA to Vulture Funds than use it to deal with our homelessness crisis. They are selling off 25% stake in AIB , It is probable the proceeds will be used to pay off our national debt. They could solve this crisis now if the will was there but they are clearly happy to kick the can down the road using this ridiculous so called temporary solution. I just don’t believe them and I hope that I am wrong but I worry that once they get families in here they will find another excuse as to why they can’t house them permanently and those families will be stuck here indefinitely. This government has form. I fail to see how anyone can think this is OK … Jesus. Or am I missing something???

  3. tomkildare

    This is a disgrace from top to bottom. Badly built industrial building turned in to family shared accommodation. This is far worse than building of ballymun flats complexes all over city. This is a fire, health, and social disgrace from top to bottom, and any body voting FG doing this sh** to our country needs head examined. And I am a capitalist

    1. Rob_G

      “… and any body voting FG doing this sh** to our country”

      Well, the project is being undertaken by DCC, rather than the central govt, so if you want to complain to any party, I guess you could complain to Sinn Féin. Personally I think it is a good idea.

      1. Yep

        Blame game aside, you really think this stop gap effort in an industrial estate is a good idea?

        Call me a cynic but I don’t think the services will be in the surrounding area to deal with 40 new families.

        A GOOD idea seems like a blinkered assessment.

        1. Rob_G

          It’s an industrial estate plonked in the middle of loads of houses – there are schools, shops, GAA clubs, parks, bus routes, churches, and whatever you’re having yourself within walking distance.

          I went to school in this area, it was one school of many.

        1. Rob_G

          New housing units being constructed during a housing crisis, in an area well-serviced with local amenities. 40 families that will no longer be living in hotels or B&Bs – I am struggling to see the downside. I think you are a bit fixated on the buildings prior use, tbh.

          1. J9

            These aren’t housing units. They are a so called short term “family hubs” – whatever that means … I am not at all fixated on the buildings prior use, I am however, fixated on the fact our government and Dublin city council are putting the problem of homelessness on the long finger – again.

  4. Shayna

    Admittedly, I’m a Sinn Féin type. The address on housing by DCC is positive. I lived in London for a long time, where the cost of living is unfathomable. I explored all sorts of living accommodation, including squatting, buying a barge boat (bad idea) at Camden. Building is great, no matter where – the building of this may lead to a conurbation. Industrial area, so what? In New York, the meat packing area is now highly desirable.

    1. Rob_G

      And I think some of the posters above are overstating the ‘industrial area’ bit – if they actually looked closely at the photos, they would be able to *see actual houses* across the road from the development.

      1. Shayna

        I’m loving *actual houses*. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Dublin, but there’s a ghost town near Swords that no-one lives in, or nearby. I’ve often wondered what the F***. It’s a Fingal thing?

  5. J9

    The fact that there are *actual houses nearby is neither here nor there and the geographical location is not the biggest issue here. given our governments propensity for keeping families in emergency accommodation for up to 2 years, the worry is that this so called temporary solution will end up housing families long term, and it’s not suitable. If the government were serious about solving the housing crisis they could do it … problem is I don’t think they are.

    1. Rob_G

      Well, first you took issue with the fact that it was a warehouse. Then you took issue with the fact that it was an industrial estate. When people pointed out that there were parks and amenities nearby, you seem to be taking issue with the fact that it is called ‘a family hub’ rather than ‘flats’ or something similar.

      What is it that is inherently ‘unsuitable’ about these units? You seem to have decided that this is something that is ‘bad’, and no amount of contrary evidence will convince you otherwise.

      1. Tomkildare

        Rob you are a fg thick that knows nothing about housing and siocial problems regards to housing

      2. J9

        Dear Rob. THEY. ARE. NOT. FLATS/HOUSING UNITS/APARTMENTS. I can’t figure out why you are insisting that they are. According to Dublin Regional Homeless Executive director Eileen Gleeson “Yes, it was an industrial building, but we have architects working on designing to build a purpose-built family-type arrangement for people to live on a temporary basis until we can find permanent homes for them,” – So it’s emergency accommodation by another name – the clue is in the word temporary. You are either very naive or deliberately missing the point. Do you not think that if they were building proper houses/flats/apartments FG and DCC would be crowing that fact from the rooftops instead of talking about “purpose built family type arrangements”? Also – I don’t know what contrary evidence you are talking about. Maybe have a read of this …

        1. Rob_G

          “Each one will have cooking and washing facilities, common and play areas and on-site supports for families.”

          – sounds like they will be specially-tailored to the needs of these families.

          1. j9

            That was never my point – the temporary nature of the accommodation was my point which you are deliberately ignoring.

          2. Rob_G

            I agree that it would be great if they were permanent – maybe it was much quicker to do it this way? Ideally they would knock the warehouse altogether, zone it for 8 stories and build 400 units rather than 40, but I still think it as a positive development.

  6. Tomkildare

    A good idea! Are you people crazy/ dopey or just stupid. This place will very quick turn into rat infested junkie hole with anti siocial problems on mass and decent home Lee will refuse to go near the place and we will end up paying the people to leave to sort out the mess this government are creating, knowing what went on in 70/80 have we learned nothing. I have been in another one of Bargaintown developments in Benburb street and it’s extrrleamly dangerous from a fire prospective and inner rooms with no windows. Fg are a disgrace and it’s will cost siocioty 10x more in siocial problems than just building purpose built apartments

  7. Diddy

    Well, the message from gov is clear; The days of popping out Sprogs and getting a free gaf is over. Family hubs are all your getting

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