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NAMAwinelake tweetz:

Housing minister finally publishes March 2017 housing supply statistics (31 days late), and guess what? It’s another RECORD for Simon!

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Meanwhile, in Dublin…

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7 thoughts on “This Just In

    1. Rob_G

      The govt do need to get their finger out and get more housing under construction, whether you are left or right or indifferent.

  1. Peter Dempsey

    But if more houses are constructed then the evil developers might make a profit say the lefties.

    So we won’t build any and instead will block new planning applications.

    1. :-Joe

      The problem is with the governanc of planning and legislation to create incentives to make it worthwhile for people to jump at the chance to build new property.

      The average developers can’t avoid losing the value of the land in many cases nevermind making a profit on the sale so it’s got nothing to do with some left vs right dillusion and more to do with just basic economics.

      To be fair Irish developers have form in looking to get their profits dipped in a lot of gravy.


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