‘We Have To Challenge This With Dramatic Gestures’


From top: Lissywollen Direct Provision centre for asylum seekers in Athlon  Fr Paddy Byrne, of Portlaoise

Further to the Supreme Court decision earlier this week.

In which it unanimously decided that the ban prohibiting asylum seekers from work is unconstitutional.

Mags Gargan, in The Irish Catholic, writes:

Pope Francis has been called on to visit a direct provision centre during his expected trip to Ireland next year, in order to highlight the treatment of asylum seekers.

Fr Paddy Byrne, a curate in Portlaoise parish who ministers to the residents of the Montague Hotel, a direct provision centre in Emo, said the system is a “scandal” but it is “not on the mainstream political agenda because it is not popular”.

The culture in Ireland, that was so vociferous in relation to the scandals of the past and how we treated our citizens in mother and baby homes, seems to be taking absolutely no cognisance of the fact that this remains a reality in this Republic in 2017.

There are mothers and babies imprisoned in horrific conditions, and in the parish where I minister, four miles out the road you have 140 people imprisoned up to 10 years by direct provision,” he said.

“I call upon Pope Francis when he visits Ireland for the World Meeting of Families next year, to visit a direct provision centre. We have to challenge this with dramatic gestures and it would be in keeping with tradition of the Church, our theology and our pastoral care – we need to be out there on the frontline.”

Pope Francis called to visit direct provision centre (The Irish Catholic)

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7 thoughts on “‘We Have To Challenge This With Dramatic Gestures’

  1. bisted

    ‘…with tradition of the Church, our theology and our pastoral care ‘ …remind us of this tradition of caring for people in institutions by religious…

  2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I try to stay away from the more serious threads, but this ”Direct””Provision” …
    I can’t stay quiet any longer.

    This stuff is done in MY NAME.
    It shames me and everyone I ever knew, from my Great-grandparents to my grandchildren.

    You should be disgusted too.
    Talk to Leo / Simon… two sides of the same toilet roll…

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    Well said Father Paddy – a dangerous and unpopular stance – but correct, nonetheless.

  4. GenerationScrewed

    Just curious – Why are there people in Direct Provision for 10 years? Were their applications refused but they can’t be sent back to where they came from?

  5. gringo

    The Church is engaging in social conscience manoeuvers as a type of christianity practice for when the pope visits.But we know they are just another pack of money sucking leeches, and are dead jealous because they invented direct provision, about 100 years ago.

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