Prop Forward


Sharon tweetz:

UK media scrambling to inform people who the DUPs are after never discussing Northern Irish politics…



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9 thoughts on “Prop Forward

  1. Steve

    Aaahhh bodger can we have a post on the cowards in SF??

    Even de Valera got over himself, grabbed his sac in 1927 and said a few empty words.

      1. Zena

        + 1 jusayinlike

        Once you’re in bed with any of these Orange/Loyalist parties, you’re in bed with the KKK, great move forward Ms. May, bravo.

    1. RuilleBuille

      The English are already horrified at what little they have discovered today about the DUP and their medieval thinking. They will be lining up to say Sinn Fein were right all along about dealing with Irish equivalent of ISIS.

  2. dav

    RE THe tweet by Sharon – I saw David Dimbleby interviewing a DUP guy around 11pm last night and I was stuck as to how dismissive Dimbleby was of the DUP guy, once he realised he wasn’t getting any sound bites out of him.

  3. Junkface

    A party of Gargoyles, the DUP. Some nice 19th century beliefs they have going for them too. Ha ha

  4. Mé Féin

    Let’s not forget their ties with the UDA. Thank God they kept that terrorist Corbyn out

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