‘Directly To The Supreme Court’


Denis O’Brien

Colm Keena, in The Irish Times, reports:

Businessman Denis O’Brien has lodged an appeal in the case he took against the Dáil, the Dáil Committee on Procedures and Privileges and the State over comments made in the parliament about his financial affairs.

Papers lodged with the courts indicate he is taking his case to the Court of Appeal. However, it is understood he will also seek to have his case go directly to the Supreme Court on the basis that it involves important constitutional issues.

As part of his appeal he will be seeking to overturn the High Court’s ruling that he pay the legal costs of the seven-day hearing.

There you go now.

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Denis O’Brien to appeal court ruling over Dáil comments (Colm Keena, The Irish Times)

15 thoughts on “‘Directly To The Supreme Court’

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    The very sad thing about it is that persistence, allied with means, will probably yield him the result he wants ;-(

  2. Fact Checker

    There is actually a very important question here about balancing the rights of parliamentarians to speak freely on important issues and the rights of citizens to privacy.

  3. nellyb

    Hows O’Brien worse than people he is suing? I used to dislike him, but i think he’s a lesser evil than what is feeding in the Dail year in year out. Go Denis.

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