This afternoon.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar meets the British Prime Minister Theresa May outside No 10 in London.

It’s not a caption competition until you say so…


Leo Varadkar ‘reassured’ about DUP deal (BBC)

Video: Today FM

29 thoughts on “Tory?

  1. Adama


    Baby’s come home.

    Can she not give a job or something? Seem like a perfect match in many ways.

  2. Digs

    At last, an Irish statesman who looks and sounds like a statesman. Garret Fitz would be proud.

    1. Percival

      He’s a right wing shill.

      And he’ll divide our nation even more into those who think they pay for everything (but don’t actually) and those who are constantly exploited and ripped off by them. Same old social class divide perpetuated by the professional classes in order to keep their interests exclusive and maintain a steady source of underpaid grunts to profit from.

      1. Duke de La Rochefoucauld

        Better a right wing shill than a free loader who makes everyone believe they can have it all and someone else will pick up the tab.

    2. Adama

      Really? His great contribution to the press conference earlier was to reference the Hugh Grant dancing scene in Love Actually.

      Not exactly in the same league as Dr Fitz..

    1. Shayna

      I thought that, but my nose is on fire from lying out in the park yesterday, it’s a tad distracting.

        1. bertie "The Inexplicable Pleasure" blenkinsop

          My sex has been on fire since… well, never obviously.

          1. Shayna

            It appears I have a Dublin accent – kinda born there, Stillorgan. You can take The Dub outta Dublin, etc!

  3. dav

    Thatcherite scum, had a pimms and a laugh at the long lines of homeless people their policies created

    1. Shayna

      It may sound a little incongruous, but I was on a friend’s yacht a number of years ago, sailed out of Southampton and headed for Cowes (Isle of Wight). We drank Pimms from a 3 gallon bucket. It was on the terrifying side of being enjoyable. I was the only Irish type available for miles, nonetheless, the English, for the most part are well intentioned.

  4. :-Joe

    I just heard this clown talking about solidarity with britain and how Ireland feels like it’s being attacked when it’s london.

    Eh no, not everyone agrees with you you daft aspiring west-brit tory robot.

    Every time a lunatic or brainwashed religious fundamentalist attacks europe I can’t help thinking well maybe the arms dealers in britain, france, germany, sweden and elsewhere, plus the politicians with their overwhelming support of rogue military states like iZrael, Saudi Arabia and the US should look in the mirror and change their foreign policies.

    Every single military plane from the US that lands in Ireland and together with our mindless declarations of wholehearted solidarity with the root causes of these problems puts this state at risk of being targeted for our involvement in facilitating these war crimes.

    Typical establishment nonsense, the 60%-ish does not represent the truth or the reality, just itself and it’s ilk.


    1. :-Joe

      Two useless fupping robots the pair of them…….

      …… and exhale… back to the centre and zen… hmmmmm..


    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      I think Joe, we should be more diplomatic and neighbourly than enraged, partly because we have so many of our brethren living there. I would support my neighbour if they were in a spot of bother, despite the hideous past.

      1. :-Joe

        Maybe you’re misunderstanding me or I’m not explaining myself properly…

        What I’m saying has got nothing to do with Ireland and britain and just our shared history…

        The tragic tower fire aside… it’s about not condeming the arms dealers and the shady foreign policies that encourage brainwashed crazy people to attack civilians at random in order to strike back in revenge. I don’t have any time for bullsh1t about this. The facts are the facts.

        All the attacks are clearly born from revenge and they happen because of other actions and events that started from somewhere else. Attaching solidarity for britain in general when attacked without commenting on it’s arms dealing and it’s foreign policy is just daft and ignorant, let alone attaching it all to the tradgedy of a fire in a low income housing block that caught fire…

        now that’s a very telling and ironic mental leap only a certain type of individual could make without thinking twice and hanging your head in shame….


        1. :-Joe

          Hanging their head not “your” head…

          Nothing personal about you… I use “your” a lot instead of their etc. -bad habits die hard.


      2. :-Joe

        I have to add, I don’t agree with you because you should be enraged.

        I know you are as smart as the best of them from reading your comments but the lack of anger or even awareness going on is more than depressing, it’s fupping astonishing.


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