It’s Good To be The King


This evening.

Government Buildings, Dublin 2

Helen McEntee, new junior minister for European affairs (top third front right), joins her fellow  freshly-minted, all-male junior ministers following their appointments this afternoon.

Above from left: Brendan Griffin, Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport with special responsibility for Tourism and Sport; Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran TD; Michael D’Arcy, Minister of State at the Department of Finance and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform with special responsibility for Financial Services and Insurance; Leo Varadkar; Ciarán Cannon, Minister of State at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with special responsibility for the Diaspora and International Development; Jim Daly, Minister of State at the Department of Health with special responsibility for Mental Health and Older People; John Paul Phelan, Minister of State at the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government with special responsibility for Local Government and Electoral Reform.



“Who was that lady person?”


19 thoughts on “It’s Good To be The King

  1. peetur

    (Don’t blink. Don’t blink. Don’t blink.)


    Try again. Take another one.
    (Don’t blink Don’t blink.)

    Ah feckit.

  2. andy moore

    In the unlikely happenstance I became a TD & was offered a Junior role . I would resign my place & nominate a female colleague in distrust of Leo’s new politique of the locker-room ??

  3. Frilly Keane

    who cares whether they’re boys or girls

    they’re all púcing rubbish

    poor Leo must be bricking himself

  4. Christopher

    Don’t forget that that young go-getter woman TD only got the job because it was her dads seat before he died (just as was the case for Enda Kenny, Brian Cowen etc….). We may have a gay son of an immigrant in charge but Ireland’s politics are as backward as ever. We need a Macron to sweep away FF/FG/LAB. At least all the old dynasties would be gone.

    1. classter

      Exactly. The gender balance of the cabinet is almost exactly the same as the gender balance of FG TDs

      FG (and the other parties) are doing nowhere near enough to reach out and recruit a wider base of candidates.

      It still feels as if their candidates are almost all:
      from families associated with the party
      dress in poorly fitted suits with badly looked-after shoes

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