15 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. Shayna

    79 people died because a “First World” country didn’t have a long enough ladder. Absolutely shocking.

    1. Sam

      No, they died, because the council went for the cheaper flammable cladding panels rather than the fire retardant ones recommended by the architects. No need for lots of ladders if the fire doesn’t spread up the building.

      1. Shayna

        It was more a lack of of a sprinkler system in place. Ultimately, if a fire begins in a tower block, despite whatever the cladding – get out of there!

        1. Sam

          Yeah, I’d leave, and I’d like a sprinkler system too, but if the fire is mainly spreading along the outside of the building, then a sprinkler isn’t going to be of much use. The smoke will kill people long before the fire gets into the area covered by sprinklers.
          In about 4 years, whenever the expensive inquiry is done, the thousand page report will probably boil down to conclusions that most people already know… but by then the council leader, Mr. Paget-Brown will have decided not to run for re-election to the council, and used the time in between to say he can’t possibly comment while the inquiry is still ongoing.

  2. Henry Woods

    And there goes the longest day of the year.
    It was alright. Ireland is still green.
    De auld world didn’t end because tomorrow is forever coming.

  3. Shayna

    I hadn’t thought about The Solstice, but I recall seeing a guy dragging a full size crucifix, whilst I was taking a nap on The A340 past Stonehenge at 5ish am on June 21 long time ago.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      ohhhh that inspired a whole movie in my head ;)
      or I could be delirious from the heat and all night revelry ( the neighbours naturally not me )
      # too hot to move

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Frances Fitzgerald ‘that would be an ecumenical matter’. ‘That would be a cabinet confidentiality matter’
    Stock answer to everything last night.
    I’m sure that Lord Ross will hide behind the same mantra.
    Whelan’s appointment was rushed through by Fitzgerald and Kenny, making sure that she can’t testify to the Charlton commission. The president was bounced into ‘action’. This is a disgusting excuse for government who, at every hands turn, have brought it into disrepute.
    ‘The money was only resting in the account’ supposed opposition Leader, and his rabble, are as disgusting an excuse as Kenny, Varadkar, Fitzgerald, Flanagan, and so on.
    And at the back of it all, they are all cowards.

  5. Gay Tea Shop

    Some headline from the Irish Times. Denham is a Gageby. She should have retired by now but the Irish Times does not comment on that.

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