9 thoughts on “The Queen’s Message

  1. PaddyM

    Piddled off that she had to do this before hitting Ascot and wasn’t going to waste time on having to change into royal robes and then back out again or flute around a royal carriage for Theresa bloody May who got everybody *into* this mess. In, out, and pedal to the metal for the gee-gees at 2.30.

    I joke but I don’t.

    1. Bertie "the inexplicable pleasure" Blenkinsop

      There’s a tip going around for George William in the 5 o’clock, currently 11-1, don’t shoot the messenger.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    No, she was just trying to get through a meaningless, threadbare speech, so she could go to her husband of many years in Hospital.

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